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Why every Ron Paul Supporter should Oppose Mitt Romney.

Every Ron Paul supporter who has given of their time, blood, sweat, tears, substance, and sacred honour to support the Idea that is and was the R[3VOL]ution should utterly despise the Lie Incarnate that is Mitt Romney.

No Ron Paul supporter should support Mitt Romney in any way and every Ron Paul supporter should pledge their utmost unto the demise of Mitt Romney as a political entity. Mitt Romney the man can return quietly to private life where he is entitled to the same rights to life, liberty, property, pursuit of happiness as the rest of us. But every Ron Paul supporter should recognize Mitt Romney the Candidate as a force of pure unadulterated contempt for everything Paulers believe in and fight for.

It is absolute myth and fallacy to imagine that a Mitt Romney Presidency would be different from an Obama presidency in any material or symbolic way. "Obamney" they say, "Blarney" they imply.

In what significant way are the Obot and Willard Mitthouse Obamney different? I don't find any.

Neither will end the endless war that is killing millions and wrecking the worldwide economy and building up hatred for the minions of Amerikan imperialism.

Neither head of the beast that is Obamney will favour scrutinization of the banking system nor the Federal Reserve. They are both part of the same system. Shall Satan cast out Satan?

Neither will end the war on drugs that does nothing to solve a social problem and indeed sacrifices money and lives on the iron Moloch of the mindless legal-incarceration industrial complex.

Neither will cause any true reform in the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex. Both will come to the aid of their cronies.

Neither will roll back the Kraken of big government that has infiltrated its tentacles into every aspect of the lives of those who cower under the black cloud of authoritarianism.

To put it another way, Obama and Romney both suck, and they both suck big time, and there is no reason to support either, and there is every reason for us all to oppose both as we recognise that they are indeed part of the system that is the very enemy of our souls.

Vote for Romney because he is a Republican!!!??? Dont be fooled. Romney is ideologically a Democrat, not only a Statist, a Relativist, and a Fascist.

The time has come for every true believer, every follower of the ideology of the Revolution to stand up and oppose the erosive and bewitching words of those who like Rand Paul and Jesse Benton have sold their birthright for a mess of red pottage. 30 pieces of silver was too high a price for their Iscariotic betrayal.

It is time for us all to stand up and say No.

No, I will never support Romney, and I will oppose him with every fibre of my being, because what he stands for is the very thing that I hate. What Romney will bring to my country is government and more of it. What Romney will bring is fundamentally diametrically opposed to the very thing that my friends and I fought and cried, and walked in the snow, and the rain, and the hot sun for.

We fought for life and liberty and we are not about to support some plastic bastard, a poseur who wants to neutralize us, negate our work, and steal our energies.

Romney Never. Never, Never, Never. Ever.

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You can't get much worse than

You can't get much worse than Obama... But Romney is cuttin it close. Our foreign policy is pretty much driven by Israel/AIPAC... Obama's ONLY plus is that he seems a little reluctant to bow down to Israel. Romney is capitalizing on this as made his stance quite clear: we will bankrupt America in order to fight Israel's wars. So we can choose to go bankrupt following communist ideology or go bankrupt defending Israel's right to commit genocide againat the palestians.

Both sceniors are awful. And we shoukd say no to both. If Romney were to back off the NDAA,his blins support for Israel, take a stand for the constitution... well then i would mapyne vote fr him... but both canids support two pseperate wpaysI will never vote for tyranny.

A common argument is: a vote for paul/3rd party is a vote for Obama. I say nope... a vote for Obama/Romney is a vote against freedom. A vote for 3rd party is saying you've had enough... your vote is not automaic.. your vote requires an oath to a constitution,... we wont put up with 2 garbage canidates every year

I will NEVER...

vote for Obama or Romney as long as other choices exist.

I will never vote for Romney as long as the Earth stands.

and of course I dont like the Obot either.

I will vote for Romney over Obama

any day of the week.

Then you had better hope Romney loses

because if Romney wins, no liberty candidate will be able to run for President in 2016 and heaven forbid if Romney were to win re-election, the pendulum would swing democrat in 2020 and so the next time there will be a plausible chance for a liberty candidate might be 2024! Eight years of Obama comprising 2 drubbings of establishment republican candidates (McCain and Romney) might be just the right recipe for a liberty candidate in 2016. However, having said that, Paul will be nominated at Tampa and there's no one in the house or senate with his record, so it behooves us to give it all we got for Ron this cycle. Ron Paul 2012!

I have been republican for over forty years!

I voted straight Republican ticket since Jimmy Carter, sorry Mittens no chance ever on my 3 household votes! You will have to win it on your own!

Edit: I must say that Ron Paul woke me up the spring of 2011 and as I look back I was sure a brain dead neo-con that loved Fox News Sunday. I now look at all network news as propaganda, because I seen them lying so many times since.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Me too

I'm 53. Registered R at the age of 18. I never did vote for a Bush, just stayed home those years. I live in a swing state and this year I think I will vote Obama just because we will get another chance to run a liberty candidate in 2016. Obama will be a lame duck and we have four years to organize and promote a decent candidate in 2016. If Romney wins, he will get the automatic nod in 2016. I don't see any real difference between the two Goldmann Sachs puppets. I will be registering Independant and leaving the party this year.

If Obama is president another four years,

our country will be completely destroyed.


my false apocalypse detector went off.

Every Ron Paul supporter already opposes the establishment.

Romney, Clintons, Bushes, Dole, Kerry, Obama, McCain, it doesn't matter. We get it.

Thank God for Ron Paul Republicans

There's Ron Paul Republicans, and Ron Paul supporters, and a BIG difference between the two. The former becomes the establishment per Ron Paul's message, the latter didn't get the message.

Just when you think you've won the rat race

along comes the fat cat:


People are so numb he changed his lyrics, bless his heart, God Bless You Billy Bragg trying to wake folks up


I'll reiterate what I've said before

Both Romney AND the GOP THREW AWAY any chance at my support/vote.

Whether it be the issues, or that we need to get Obama out of office, Romney will NOT get my vote. After being treated like criminals and garbage, not to mention the blatant rule breaking and election fraud, it was VERY CLEAR and obvious that the GOP DOES NOT want us. OH, but they'll be more than happy to welcome us with open arms if we support THEIR chosen one. They'll gladly welcome us and our votes then. No thanks!

With THEIR ACTIONS, BOTH Romney & the GOP did not EARN my vote or respect. They actually went ahead and LOST IT.

I will not vote for Romney...

I will write Ron Paul in, or I will go third party.

I completely agree..

And I honestly cannot believe that any true Paul supporter would go with either Obamney or Rombama. Once you know the truth, you can't go back. That bell, as they say, cannot be un-rung.
So, why (how, what?) would any true Paul supporter go with Mitt?

If you feel you have good cause for doing same, please state your case. Otherwise, I will presume that not one person who truly wanted Paul will vote for Mitt. Would you??

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).



If you are going to the PaulFest

It would be nice to set up a booth and "unregister" Republicans. People should leave the Party in droves unless they are planning to run for office. In most states, you can still vote Republican in the primary if that matters to you. A few hundred defections will not be noticed by the GOP, but a few thousand all swtching parties on the same day may have some effect on them, especially our friend Rience Priebus.


I'm thinking about changing my enrollment next week sometime. 5 years of being a republican, I have had enough.

Aside from this, there are

Aside from this, there are real strategic reasons.

1. If Robamney wins, Republicans will be insufferable big spenders.

2. If Robamney wins, Republicans will bury the liberty movement.

3. If Robamney wins, it opens the possibility of him winning again in 2016.

4. If Rombaney wins, a liberty candidate will have to fight an incumbent.

5. If Obama wins, Republicans will and Democrats will fight and do nothing. Which is good.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"


I think 4 more years for Obama is just about the slowest we can get the machine to go given that Republicans have the house and maybe will take the senate.

That's right.

Romney is certainly no liberty candidate.

He is more of the same.


I'll give one reason why Ron Paul supporters should never reward Romney with their vote. Maine.

Remember Maine, and how he thumbed his thieving nose at us with this pic in the media the morning after.

Bookmark it, just in case that slick used car dealer schmooze of his starts to work on you.

Don't forget Massachusetts

equally as infuriating.

The republicans want and

The republicans want and fully expect the liberty minded people who supported Ron Paul to fall in line like black people do for the democrats and evangelicals do for the republicans-a nice monolithic bloc of voters that they can take completely for granted.

Voting for Romney would validate them and prove that we are just another version of the tea party which mostly incorporated into the republican party. If we reward these douchebags for the way they've treated Ron Paul, the constitution and the ideals of liberty then we are no better than any other mindless bloc of idiots voting for the lesser of two evils.

I don't think republicans are stupid enough

to think that we would fall in line. Ok. Maybe I do. We need to make bumper stickers that read "I'm a republican and I am not voting Mitt Romney" or something to that effect.

You make one of the points

You make one of the points I've tried to get across to many people, that voting for Romney is not simply just voting 'for the sake of the party' and throwing away your principles, it's also TELLING them that you're a 'number' on a sheet to simply be used to win elections.

Voting for Romney for any reason after having given support for Ron Paul is, quite clearly, 'submission'. It is the 'opposite' of actual choice in that you've given the establishment all the more reason to keep disrespecting the Liberty Movement. Not only disrespecting(which they may always do), but it keeps them from 'fearing' us. If they truly know we won't settle, they may actually begin to feel fear. If not the establishment types themselves, then at the very least, their 'sheep' may begin to question them(as some of the people I know have begun to question 'the anointed one' of their party).

it's worse than just submission.

there can be a time to submit and follow.

but supporting Romney in any way is really recanting. It's saying that Dr. Paul was wrong, and the Neocons and the Thugs and the Warmongers and the kleptocrats and the established order of the GOP were right all along.

Vote for Romney is a vote for III World War...

Romney folks you can rate me down all you want.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


There are Romney folks? Where are they?

I've seen a few here and

I've seen a few here and there, normally the kind saying "I like Paul, but..." and pretending to be a Paul supporter. If they aren't Romney supporters, they're really a disgrace to the movement being that uneducated...