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Ron Paul Supporter Delivers Graduation Speech for a class 2012 (Glenbrook School)

This doesn't really have anything do with the current campaign. But it's worth watching. Gary Franchi was an early supporter of Ron Paul and helped get the word out about Ron Paul. He delivers an outstanding speech to the graduation class of a school. The name of the school is the Glenbrook Evening High School. I thought it was good because I'm sure DP users would appreciate what some of the early Ron Paul supporters are up to. His touches a little bit on everything.

Here's the link.


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Speech RP Supporter

I beg to differ. I think it does have something to do with the current campaign! It shows what you can do, just one person, to make a difference. And just starting small, too. He said his success regarding Ron Paul and the liberty movement all began just by passing out some flyers where he was attending night school. From there, he just kept following his heart.

Here is the documentary he noted that started him on his journey. Maybe it's common knowledge already to most people here. He said Ron Paul credited it with the success of his campaigns. I, for one, never saw it. "America: Freedom to Fascism"

Thank you for the post.

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