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Since this movement has never been about 1 man, how about this idea?

President Paul drafts his speech that he is going to give at the RNC. He then submits it to a pre-selected group of people from the grass roots community (maybe we would vote on who they would be or have a lottery) and THEN, the proof readers would add or subtract things that we feel need to be said or omitted.

I love President Paul but so far (IMHO) he has always been too easy on the criminals that have usurped our country. I'd love to have him give a speech at the RNC that was created by the R30VLUTION...since after all...its about us and future generations. Statements need to be made with facts that back them up. People need to be awoken. This might be an opportunity that we will look back on with regret if we don't say what needs to be said without suger coating it or using political correctness. Good idea? Bad idea?


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I like that your thinking

but,...I wanted to vote it down. The reason why is the speech NEEDS to be FROM HIM. When I attended the Nevada State Convention, I cried through his entire speech because it felt so historic for me personally. It wasn't his best speech, he had said the same things many times before. Ron Paul may not be the best orator in the world , just the best statesman. He doesn't need a teleprompter or a speech writer to get prepared to talk to us. He just needs to talk to us. To have Ron Paul speak his own words at the national convention would convert more people to understand why he is the head of such a vast unstoppable liberty movement. I do think people should spend time talking about his ideas when ever and wherever they are in Tampa through the month of august.

I LOVE hearing Dr. Paul speak

I've heard him speak several times, and he always speaks with such conviction, and you can tell it's what he honestly believes. I think he is the best orator around (at least these days) because of the integrity of his words - you can't learn that in books.

Good Input

and you are probably correct. I was just thinking out loud...and lucky for me nobody was listening. :) I've never been bothered by President Pauls speaking safu's precisely because he speaks off the cuff and doesn't need a telepromter. I just wish he would hit harder and name names. I'm convinced our Government is invested with criminals and traitors and they need to be called out. But, there is always a danger in doing that....but someone has got to do it soon or else we won't be America much longer.

BTW - Voting me down doesn't bother me. I often times learn more by getting kicked and spit on than I do when people show me love.