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Will Ron Paul get to speak at GOP convention?

Will Ron Paul get to speak at GOP convention?

Virginia's delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa August 27-30 could help decide if U.S. Rep. Ron Paul gets to address the convention.

How can this be done? Answer: By placing Paul's name in nomination.

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It's up to Romney

Paul said RNC is OK with it, but it is up to Romney.
Newt Gingrich said today Romney should allow Sarah Palin to speak because she can get the base excited, and then he said it is all Romney's choice.


I think the issue the romney people are gonna have with her is that they don't trust her to stay on script. If she's not saying romney, romney, they don't want her up there.

She hasn't endorsed him either

I think she would go for Paul. Romney said nasty things about her in '08. Her husband is Independent. He liked Newt, but couldn't vote in Alaska primary because he wouldn't change to GOP to vote. She has never spoke ill of Dr. Paul through the primary season. If he were to get nomination, Palin could really get her hijacked tea party to bring in money.

"Virginia is for lovers" of

"Virginia is for lovers" of liberty! Virginia delegates, do not disappoint us.

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