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Confronting Mitt Romney is not Optional, It is Mandatory !

Santorum and Gingrich confronted Romney more in one single week than Ron Paul did in six months! At least they had the decency and respect for their donors to do what is required of a serious presidential candidate.

Any serious presidential candidate is critical of each and every one of their opponents! Our delegates confronted Mitt Romney but Ron Paul never did!

Enough is Enough! We must stand up right now and demand that Dr. Paul do the job he never did!

We are not asking for personal insults or attacks, simply serious and heavy criticism of Romney's weak economic plan, his call to increase defense spending, his refusal to obey the constitution etc.

Please people, I am begging you! Snap out of it and demand the following from Dr. Paul:

1) Confront Romney
2) Declare the 5 state plurality
3) Demand the Nevada delegation be seated and the Massachussetts and Oregon delegates be restored to their positions

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You have nothing to say.

Quit whining about the money that you pretend you gave.

Free includes debt-free!