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DNC Resorts to RNC Convention Tactics and struggles to find Obama delegates

Its sad when the Democratic party has to struggle to fill seats and break rules to keep out delegates that don't favor Obama when hes running unopposed.


DNC chooses delegates in Secret:

DNC fighting in court to stop delegates representing prison inmate (who won 42 percent of vote) from attending convention:

West Virginia:

Another Inmate threatening to take delegate:


Mayor nominated as delegate, "not something I sought, but i appreciate the support."

New Jersey:

Legislators top list of Obama delegates:

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Every time an entrenched

Every time an entrenched power is challenged, people lie, cheat and steal to maintain that power.

Nothing new. That's how he

Nothing new. That's how he got into the WH in the first place. This film is testimony from Democratic delegates about how the Obama campaign cheated to win the nomination. People were killed for trying to place Hillary's name into nomination to stop the coronation of Obama.

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