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Iranian Arabic News Channel Reports An Assassination Attempt on Secretary Clinton While in Israel

Iranian Arabic News Channel Reports An Assassination Attempt on Secretary Clinton While in Israel

Iran’s Arabic language al-Alam news channel reports that there was an assassination attempt on Secretary of State Hilary Clinton during her recent visit to Israel. Clinton’s motorcade was allegedly fired upon while traveling on a road to Jerusalem.

Read a translation of the al-Alam page here.

The attempted attack was not reported by the establishment media in the United States or Europe.


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like the time she ducked sniper fire when she ran against obama?

or when she cried wolf about it and actually had her encounters video taped, turned out to have nothing of such happen and became a laughing stock


Anyone use Google translate to read the comments under the article?? they read almost like the Daily Paul.

1) No mention of the Palestinian who threw a show at the motorcade, he was shot dead.

2) Don't believe this is real.

3) Probably Israelis trying to stir things up again.

That's from memory so, I may not have the correct order or words but you get the idea.

I wonder if any of this

I wonder if any of this renewed aggressive talk against Iran is due to the UAE's pipeline being finished which would give a route around the Strait of Hormuz, which Iran has repeatedly threatened to close off if they are attacked.


Skeptical...but would not be surprised if

that happens...Have her taken down in Israel, so Israel could say Iran did it and use that to attack them....They have used important things to create false flag, using Clinton would be child's play.


Imagine that! An anti-Iran, pro-Israel infowars story that coincides with today's national mainstream HEADLINE that says Israel says Iran is responsible for the suicide bombing in Bulgaria that killed 6 Israeli teenagers(and Israel has vowed to retaliate against Iran) ... anyone see the CONNECTION?

Essentially, we are being TOLD that Israel is going to attack Iran from the MSM, and infowars is also just carrying that water in their own special way that dupes their followers, and keeps them outraged/distracted with "we're not winning" propaganda... remember Alex Jones' buddy Pastor Lindsay Graham telling us that the PTB moral code of conduct is announcing WHAT they will do before they do it? Yep, that's infowars for ya - a mouthpiece for the PTB.

"The attempted attack was not reported by the establishment media in the United States or Europe." - Gee, when might we find out? Once Israel fires the first strike to start the next conflict in the Middle East?

Let's keep doing our DELEGATE thing, and keep running for office ... these meglomaniacs in high office, who run the political parties, work in the MSM and FOX News, and at infowars; who exaggerate their importance in the world are obviously not gonna quit...don't let them derail us from our COURAGEOUS goal to restore this Republic to something our founders would respect!

Yep! It seems you may be right about the "Psyop"

Israeli sources reported that the convoy of Hillary Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State was shot yesterday during their passage on the Jerusalem - Tel Aviv.

Read the article

'Israeli sources..'
Nuf said.
Why would an Iranian site report in Arabic? Iranians don't speak Arabic. They speak Farsi!
This is a psyop.

Infowars is a psyop.

Infowars is a psyop.

Can you elaborate on that

Can you elaborate on that statement? Not disagreeing just interested.

Not really the point

The BBC broadcasts in numerous languages, as do some American outlets. I know VOA used to be broadcast in dozens of languages, although I am not sure about now. Iranian state news outlet Press TV occasionally shows up in my Google News feeds, in English. Xinhua is the Chinese state news source, and they have an English website. This neither adds nor detracts from any of the sources' credibility.

I'd like to see an independent source for this. Some of the news outlets from the Middle East are quite reputable. I'd be shocked if Al Jazeera or Haaretz ignored a story of this magnitude.

Thanks for noticing.

Can't trust anything.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.