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A VP Nomination from the States with a Plurality?

It seems that the 5+ states that can demonstrate a plurality can and should submit a nomination not only for President but also for a Vice President.

It appears that the procedure to nominate a Vice President, as per RNC Rule 40, is the same as the procedure to nominate a President at the convention. The VP is not simply "selected" by the "presumptive nominee", instead the VP must also pass the 5 state plurality requirement and then each state must independently submit their nomination form to the secretary of the RNC.

Does it not make sense, for many reasons, for the 5+ states that can demonstrate a plurality to also submit a nomination form to the secretary of the RNC for a VP pick? This would also force a roll call vote for VP, otherwise the VP will be selected by a simple acclamation. If the 5+ states can officially demonstrate support for a Vice President why settle for the VP that the "presumptive nominee" picks without even a roll call vote???

The 5 state plurality must be demonstrated before a VP name is put forward for nomination, if that is done then it would force a vote.

Also, by the 5+ states nominating a President as well as a Vice President then it seems to even further undercut any attempt at saying the delegates that are bound cannot nominate a different President at the convention.... since within the RNC rules it appears to be the SAME procedure to nominate a President and a Vice President. And I can not think of any argument whatsoever as to why a plurality of delegates from a particular state cannot submit their own nomination for Vice President.

That all being said... still a VP would need to demonstrate a plurality of 5+ states... I know this is being discussed to some degree but perhaps not enough! So who as a potential VP could the 5+ states with a plurality demonstrate all their support for?

Once again, if only say 4 states demonstrate a plurality of support for a specific VP, then the VP nomination will not get a roll call vote at the convention and the Vice President nomination will simply be by acclamation.

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What about Ron Paul for VP?

You know, this might be a really good idea. Mitt Romney supporting delegates can get behind this without it conflicting with nominating Romney for president. This could happen. I still wouldn't vote for a Romney/Paul ticket unless Romney agrees with 99.5% of Ron Paul's platform, but I would still be happy seeing him second in line. I'd rather see Ron in there than anyone else.

Judge N. or Rand.

Judge N. or Rand.

I'd say Justin Amash but...

...he's still too young. Maybe 2016 or 2020?

There's always Walter B. Jones (sitting Congressman from North Carolina), who endorsed Ron Paul in the 2012 primary. He's a good guy and would make a good VP.

Walter yielded his turn to RP today!

They are good friends :)