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San Francisco Police Shoot Handcuffed Man to Death

Just another day living in a police state....


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Here is a slightly different take on the incident


They claim police handcuffed him 'after' being shot. Who knows if we will get the whole truth about this story?

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

My intuitive opinion..

A box cutter.. OH, you mean a box cutter like those terrorists used to overpower passengers on those planes on 9/11? He must've been a terrorist and I'm so brainwashed from mainstream media that terrorists, box cutter, insurgent, Al Queda, Muslim, all those words have become negative connotations and are now assumed acceptable to be handled with death and destruction as the end result. Can never be too careful these days when our nation is swarming with hidden terrorists. Another job well done for our guys in blue. *tips hat*

- I call bullshit. Man lashes out at coworker with boxcutter. * no motive, but maybe?*
- The victim, sustaining minor, non-life threatening injuries, CHASES his attacker, while bleeding enough to have left a blood trail behind him? *Wow! That sounds like a lot of blood and an unprecedented amount of guts to chase a guy who has just randomly attacked you with a knife, and who still had the knife in hand because remember, he used it to threaten the life of said female officer*
- Where was the stabbing victim? I didn't see him hanging around anywhere or talking to police. Nor did any of he bystanders claiming to have seen the incident mention the stab victim. They didn't even mention a knife.
- The bystanders all said they shot him WHILE he was handcuffed! How did he have a knife to threaten the officer wig if he had already been handcuffed. I didn't think that was procedure to handcuff a man and still continue to allow him to wield a knife which he has already stabbed a co worker with.
- BTW, the factory had no comment. Of course they didn't because they were told NOT TO. Or Else!
- This story is BULlSHIT. It's a cover up. That's what happened in Iraq a lot and I can only imagine it happens on occasion in Afghanistan. All parties involved get together. They contrive a believable story, one that portrays themselves as the victims and how it was done in self defense. Keep it simple. All parties reaffirm with other parties that, Yeah, that's how it happened. Often times, framing the scene to support their claim. It's their word against the dead guy(s). If all stories are the same, it must be how it happened. Nothing to see here.