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Hidden History of Militias Protecting Liberty In The 20th Century

Hidden History of Militias Protecting Liberty In The 20th Century

By The Watchdog | July 17, 2012 - 8:31pm

Today the word Militia is a bad word to be looked upon with disdain and contempt in political circles in Washington. These are power mad people who seek the dominate every facet of our lives if we let them have their way. The militia is a part of our history throwing out tyranny from our midst, It has been a force for good. I will share with you why.

We all know that all veterans, even those returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan are now a national security threat according to the Department of Homeland Security. This federal agency made publications they passed out to Law Enforcement all around the country. They did not make this classification by pulling a thought out of their rectal cavity. They made that statement from a historical standpoint on returning war veterans as one of the examples. This is why the US Government does not want veterans to be armed.

In 1946, Group of WWII veterans took back control in the town in Athens Tennessee. The local Sheriff tried to rig the election when they seen they were being thrown out of office. The town has been tyrannized by local corruption while the men were off fighting a war. They did not like the changes they came home to and would not tolerate tyranny any longer. When the former GIs said enough after seeing what has happened when they were away. The WWII veterans by force of arms took back the town when all peaceful measures have failed. They were not afraid to use their guns and shoot if necessary.

We cannot leave out returning Negro veterans who experienced war either. Many of the strongest leaders in the Civil Rights movement where World War II and Korean war veterans who served honorably. They returned home to find they do not get the respect they deserved. Many highly decorated black veterans, many of these heroes were lynched or beaten up when they returned home. They got very little fanfare. The Black people were still being abused and treated as second class citizens.


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I am really starting to think...

that these militia are going to act soon, It seems like they are waiting for something certain to happen. Shit I hope it's not the dhs opening fire on the protesters, God I hope this ends peacefully