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Anyone know of a libertarian gun manufacturer?

I like to buy from people who share my views, and I found a local gun shop that does, but not a manufacturer. Anyone know of a gun maker with a president/owner who is libertarian across the board on more than just the 2nd Amendment issue?

I did find a gun rights group that stands up against the War On Drugs! http://www.independentfirearmowners.org/

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actually I've heard the AZ plumber dude who started

"Plum Crazy," the famed polymer AR15 lowers manufacturer, is a r3VOL AND an InfoWarrior.

They were pretty much the only polymer AR lower in town, after ATF illegally raided (aren't all their activities illegal?) and shut down Calvary Arms who used to make really reliable polymer AR15 lowers. Post-seizure, the Cav. Arms' polymer designs got bought up by a company in Oklahoma.

Well, looks like Plum Crazy is either not in business anymore, or they relocated from Lake Havasu, AZ to LV, NV or sold off their designs to, and simply renamed themselves the New Frontier Armory.

The New Frontier Armory's polymer lowers look very similar to Plum Crazy's.

Sure, all AR lowers 'look similar,' but with Plum Crazy in particular, its 'D-esque' inverse-'C' shaped loop riser that protects the Mag release button is what made them more distinct; and the New Frontier Arms polymer AR lowers have the same 'C'-shaped riser, just like Plum Crazy. But I'm just speculating...

Either way, check them out, if you're in the market for a sub-$100 AR lower for your next build. As long as it's between 5.45mm Ruskie or 5.56mm NATO, to .300 AAC Blackout range, I would assume the polymer receiver should be able to handle recoils from those rounds; unless you intend on using your AR15 lower for some of the more exotic uppers like .450 Bushmaster or .458 SOCOM or .50BMG bolt action kits, it should be able to handle recoils from pretty much anything. Then again, who knows? Perhaps the polymer lower CAN handle the more heavier ammo.

The New Frontier Armory polymer lowers come stripped, or with trigger package. Personally, I'd spend a bit more on metal components and really good trigger like the Geissele SSA, as the stock kit the polymer lower comes with are plastic internals as well, like the trigger and hammer and even some pins, along with plastic safety latch (as many other manufacturers do). Just me perhaps, but I hate plastic components, other than structural encasing/shell, like a receiver, but not for moving internal components.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul


I know someone in Washington...infact she was one of my State Delegates from my Congressional District, and a candidate for our national slate! I will ask if she minds, you should message me privately from this point.

Is she interested in full auto ?

Because I have a design for an smg I have been trying to sell.

In Short, NO.

HOWEVER, I am a 'Libertarian' gun OWNER.

Several suppliers for 'accesories' are on the correct side, but all the 'manufacturers' are beholden to the BATFE, as far as 'registration' and such.

IGNORE the commiesymp PLANTS that want to tell you to 'be careful', and are claiming that 'this is the second post regarding this question'.

YES, I read the comments before posting.


This is the second post I've seen regarding opinions on guns...

Please be careful with your replies. Might be best not to reply, there are eyes all over DP! What better place to find out who the libertarian manufacturers are???

No disrespect Tio Rio :)


Eyes or not, those you show concern about could care less. They may watch, but you are worried over things they already know. Manufacturers are exploited at length, and they are cool with it as long as they stay in business and keep their people employed. The "eyes" don't give a damn about this forum; only the product to which they seek. Politics doesn't even play a role in it.

I spent quite a few years

working in the gun industry, and I know many of the owners of the smaller to medium-size gun companies.

Most are not libertarian in the sense that we think of it.
They are for gun rights, but in general, they tend to have the typical neocon slant.
Mostly pro-war. They all tend to try to vie for military contracts for their products. Essentially part of the MIC.

BigT is right.

There are very few who share libertarian views as we think of them. Being active in some circles and seeing the mentality, I can tell you most are opportunistic and looking for defense contracts to promote their product in order to secure long-term revenue. Why is often beyond me since the civilian market is more lucrative, but then again it is less guaranteed. It is very disheartening, but it is what it is: surviving a lost ship at sea.

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One of the WA state dels

is a manufacturer...but of like bazookas! I asked her and she made a few recommendations...don't know what her handle is on DP.


i wouldn't think those are legal! legal shmegal! I would love to add a bazooka to my collection!

I am!

Here is my libertarian weapon

Here is my libertarian weapon of choice they can never take away and they can't make you get a license for.


Gun manufacturers

who want business have to pretty much align themselves with the NRA. The NRA is a far cry from a libertarian organization.

Did order an interesting gun last month

Hand crafted, excellent quality

Kinda seems like that would

Kinda seems like that would be "all of them", right?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
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"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

You would think so

In a perfect world, yes. But no, it's not so. I've been making phone calls.

I am!