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Jordan Page - LIVE (and FREE) at Charlotte, NC anti-war rally 7/21

Liberty music sensation Jordan Page will be in Downtown Charlotte, NC this Saturday performing live at the Conservatives Against Unconstitutional Undeclared Wars Rally held from 11am-3pm.

Catch him LIVE and for FREE if you're anywhere in the Carolinas or Virginia and down to commute to catch him before he performs at PaulFest this August to a massive crowd. You can be up close and personal this Saturday compared to just another face in a massive Tampa ocean of Ron Paulers. Choice is yours!

Also featuring TMOT, Gary Johnson, and a host of other conservatives gone sane, along with veterans telling it like it is. This event is completely free and open to the public with family friendly activities to keep the little ones hop'n with speakers and entertainment to keep the big ones bop'n.

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Join us!

It's gonna be awesome!

Peace Prosperity Liberty!

Sorry Gary

>Also featuring TMOT, Gary Johnson, and...

Gary Johnson climbed Everest (with a broken leg), competed in the Iron Man triathlon, and is running for President - but he's just an honorable mention when Jordan Page is around!

There's a chipin here: http://constitutionalwar.org/
Please donate to help make this event possible.


Let it not be said.....

Join us! Going to be AWESOME!

Peace Prosperity Liberty!

Bump for awesomeness

I wish I could go!
Since I cant I issued this challenge to the war mongers

My challenge to the Mitt Romney Warmongers. Provide me evidence that Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon and I will vote for Romney.
So far I have been called lots of names, but have yet been provided with any evidence.

Thanks for the heads up

I think I'll head down there and check it out. Very much appreciated

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bump it up!

bump it up!

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