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RT: Ron Paul Is Still In It!

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This guy did make a good point

Romney can't win without the support of the small government conservatives and the RP supporters. I wonder now if even Romney thinks he can win? The more the delegates at the convention realize he can't win, the better the chances they will nominate Ron Paul.

More bullshit propaganda

Their talking about "Paulitics" yet mention Mitt Romney every five seconds, and keep swaying towards ways he can convince RP supporters to back him. There is no such thing as unbiased media anymore, even RT has fallen to the liberal side. I personally am so sick of seeing this. Which is why I can't help but go on Romney's facebook page and laugh, because now that he "thinks" he won(so does the media) he and his supporters are getting savaged by libertarians and Obama people. I use the word supporters loosely because most of those people would vote for Krusty the clown if his name was on Faux news as "the presumptive nominee."
Thanks for letting me rant folks!

Mike G.

Thanks for the post, nearly

Thanks for the post, nearly exactly what I was thinking as well!

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What could Romney do to win our support?..besides bowing-out!

Nothing else that I can think of would work.


Exactly :) Why in the world would I vote for the RNC's "presumptive nominee"? They bought him, they can have him

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Amen to that!