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Governments AWASH in funds. Where does it go?

Nothing has changed in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report(s)
The video link below is from '99 but nothing has changed. This is something not talked about.
I worked in the finance dept of a very large city. I worked out the property taxes for: every last square foot of every single floor of every high-rise office building. Add all other buildings in the downtown core. Add all commercial buildings and malls in all surrounding areas.

Please watch. You'll be shocked.


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US Gov't. bonds and GSEs(Fannie n' Freddie), that is where most of it is right now. I check up on my local rip-off monopolies every so often. They were invested in mortgage backed securities when the banks needed to unload them and now the bank cartel and fed needs the money to buy USgov't. debts since no one else wants it. It could mean that it is time to go short the long bonds.