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Have a Business and the Gov't wants you to Collect a Sales Tax? Is it time you started Charging them an Administrative Fee?

That's right-Your time is not free! You must hire people to keep the books; you will have to do some of the book keeping and leg work yourself; there is a lot of extra work involved in managing and collecting that tax they are demanding you collect from people who buy your product or service.

Up till now you have been an Unpaid Tax Collector

Collecting that tax is taking time away from your ability to make a living; taking time away from running errands; taking time from your family; taking time out of your daily life and draining you on a daily basis in the effort to keep up with and maintain THEIR paperwork.

So they expect you to collect a sales tax for THEM? If so, aren't they asking you to perform some function of government? Aren't they asking you to provide them with a service; a tax collecting service?

They expect you to put in your time and resources to collect THEIR Tax, but don't believe you should be compensated for your time and money spent to collect that tax for THEM?

Wasn't slavery abolished? Can they compel (force) you to do something for free?

I want you to collect a tax for me, will you do it for free, or will you charge me for your time? (common sense here people)

Article 23: Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (Note: I am only using this as an example of human rights we all have as human beings from birth) ... Please do not spam the comment section below about the UN; this post is about getting paid for your services)

(1) Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.
(2) Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.
(3) Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.
(4) Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

Dean Clifford, who is making a huge splash in the patriot community explains this concept a few times in this radio interview below:

Warning: Some graphic language; Dean does not tolerate government stepping on his Inherent Birth Rights to do business; to exist in the community; to live without tyranny from elected officials.

Listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjulbAP1P2U

He just recently helped a guy get a case dismissed for possession of several ounces or Hemp Oil in Canada. He also shut down a city trying to collect a property tax from him, and he is being approached by major radio media outlets as well as everyone in the patriot community to do radio shows and seminars.

Folks, this is the REAL DEAL - No $hit Remedy from Government abuse. Listen to this show to get an idea of his teachings. Then look up his other videos on YouTube and Talkshoe radio appearances. He also discusses the ignorance of our elected officials here in the states who have completely lost basic common sense and are outside the realm of reality in thinking they can beat down and control a nation with over 100 Million Gun Owners.

Dean Clifford explains a few times in the above radio show, how his fee for collecting taxes for the government is 90% of the tax collected. He does not work for free, if they do not like his fee schedule, they can find someone else to collect their taxes.

They can take 10% of the tax he collects, or nothing at all.

He, and neither should we be victims of slavery, and we should never fall into the category of an Unpaid Tax Collector.

People, you must try to wrap your head around the simplicity of this remedy from the government and the state. It is so simple it hurts inside to think of all the years I've spent chasing their code; trying to find loopholes in their laws; trying to prove they have no jurisdiction; watching others go to prison; trying to differentiate between the (c)itizen and the (C)itizen; the Federal employee and the person(s), when the remedy was right in front of our faces the entire time:

They expect you to perform some function of government? Then they need to start writing some BIG checks, because our time is not free; our labor is not free, and we are not slaves.

It is a violation of the Declaration of Human Rights to work someone without paying them for their time-sweat and labor.

How many $50 Million Dollar Human Rights Violation payouts do you think they can afford? This is how you put government back in it's box. They have internal employees that are receiving pay, they can have them do the work. The other 320 million that don't work for them might want to start putting some fee schedules together.

How many people can they afford to hire now, when the average American charges $50,000.00 per/hour for their services?

When the people wake up and start presenting these people with fee schedules, this nightmare will stop.


Want me to collect a tax? Fine, my rate is 90% of the tax collected as an Administrative Fee for collecting the tax.

Want me to bring in some papers? Fine, my rate is $50,000.00/hour, with a two hour minimum.

Step out of the car? Fine, my rate is $25,000.00 to get out, and an additional $5,000.00 per/minute thereafter.

Get in your car? Fine, my rate is $50,000.00 to get in, and an additional $5,000.00 per/minute to sit there.

Fingerprints? Fine, my rate is $25,000.00 per finger and if you do both hands, I'll give you one print free of charge.

Mugshot? Fine, I charge $3,500 per/photo. If you take 5, I'll give you one free.

Sit in a cell? Fine, my rate is $5,000.00/hour, how long would you like me to sit here?

Empty my pockets? Fine, my rate is $7,500.00 per/pocket with a two pocket minimum.

Note: Yes you can enforce these fee schedules. The idea here is to make it very costly for them to compel performance from you. If your fees are too high, they can go elsewhere, or just stick to the people they already have on a government payroll at $32.50/hour.

What does the government/state do when they want something done or built? They take estimates from many contractors and choose the cheapest one for the job, right? Or in many cases, they choose the most expensive. Nonetheless, who ever they choose gets the government contract.

Are you seeing the light yet? Unless you are a government employee who has signed into an employment contract with that government/state, and are receiving PAY from that government/state for your daily performance, then you cannot be compelled to work for free as someone who is not employed by them.

No Contract = No Jurisdiction
No Pay = No Performance .............. K.I.S.S

People have got to get out of this Slave Mentality and come to realize what your true relationship with the state and federal corporation really is. They are not your masters; you are not their servants, and your time is money, as is theirs.

And if they say Social Security or the Drivers License is the contract, then perhaps this is may be of interest to you:


What if the State decides to some day bring charges against you?


What if the State demands you hire an attorney?


What if they say you must comply with their demands?


Time to wake up people. You want freedom? Then take it!

Here is a very good seminar Dean did called "Both Sides of The Story"

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2pMJyIikCk
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvKu2UNHQpA
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2GaxlGTyAE

Note: I am not giving anyone legal advice in this post or any other post I make on this forum, do not take it as such. I am initiating discussion to hopefully bring our ideas as a community together for the greater good of Liberty and Freedom from an out of control State.

NOTE: Before making some "that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard comment", take the time to listen to the above links. I promise your opinion will change very quickly.

Now this is Real Freedom, can you handle being Free? Or would you rather the State tell you when, where, and what you can do? Tired of the "You can't build a garden on your own land stupidity?" Well, here's your freedom if you finally wake up and grasp these simple concepts.

It's our ignorance of the law that has put us in the position we are in with these people. Stop being ignorant and start asserting your Inherent Birth Rights.


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If they jackals in DC try to force you into collecting a

Sales Tax by sneaking some BS statutory code into the NDAA, be sure to charge them an administrative fee for collecting that tax as the post above implies.

Your time is not free; your resources are not free; the paperwork takes time and time is money.

If everyone and every business in this country started charging for their time instead of catering to an out of control federal government and being an unpaid tax collector, we'd get this monster back in it's box pretty darn quick.

They want you to collect an 8% sales tax on a $49.00 sale? Fine, adjust your fees accordingly.

When your fee for collecting taxes (remember, you do not work for free and they can't force you to either) is $200.00 an hour, and you only collect $40.00 in taxes/day, but it takes you five hours to do the paperwork, that's $1,000.00 for your time (-) $40.00 to the feds, and you've got a $960.00 profit for the day.

They won't want to play anymore once you assert your rights.

My brother does this to Drs

My brother does this to Drs who keep him waiting for his appointments. Before he leaves the office he presents them with a bill for his time wasted waiting while they were 10, 20, 30 minutes late for the appointment they set for him. It works. His bills are always reduced and they rarely ever make him sit long in the waiting rooms anymore.

Not sure how you could get enforcement when billing the Govt though considering that the courts are on the Govt's side.

Blessings )o(

I know a guy who does this as well, and yes ....

it works. If his bill is $200.00 and he had to wait 35 minutes past his scheduled allotted time, he charge them for the difference and they adjust the bill.

The last time I talked to him, he said his latest appointment was scheduled for 1:30PM at his Doctors Office; he showed up at 1:15PM and at 1:26PM he was in the room and his Doctor walked in at 1:30PM on the dot .... lol

It most definitely does work; your time is no more free than theirs.

The Plot Thickens:

Now we find out these so called government agencies demanding you collect a sales tax, are not even agencies under the administrative control of the state ... lol

It's all fraud .......... This is unbelievable!


It looks good on paper, but how do you get paid?

I very seriously doubt the government is going to write me a check because I made up a fee based on my unarguable right to do so. It is true that I should get paid. It is true that I can send a bill. It is very doubtful I would ever see a dime from my effort.

Mike, the Government Absolutely Will Write You A Check

If they violate your "Rights", they will pay for it. Will they kick and scream the entire time? Of course, but the law is the law, and even these people must adhere to the law.

It's all contracts and commerce. If you study this information that people like Dean Clifford, Rod Class and EJ, and others teach, you very well CAN and WILL collect money for damages.

These people are bonded; they have jobs like the rest of us. If you abuse your neighbors rights and he is an injured party and can prove it, what happens?

That's right, you get compensated. But you have to do a little study time and learn court procedures; learn the processes of enforcement.

I can't possibly show you all that in a thread or a comment. People have to spend some time with their nose in the book or the computer screen and get knowledge and confidence.

For the Record: Yes, you absolutely 100% can enforce fee schedules and absolutely can and will get paid if you know what you are doing.

Will you learn how to do it in 7 minutes?



the UN!

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Is that all you got out of the entire post?

I addressed this in a comment below. The post is not about the UN; it was only an example of human rights we all have from birth.

I agree: F the UN, but the post is about charging the gov/state an administrative fee for collecting taxes.

You should be arrested

Because your retarded posts are taxing.

Hello McFly; I see you're making your nightly rounds of

antagonistic ridicule of anyone trying to bring the slightest hope of remedy to others on the board.

Lets see what you have contributed to the community in the last 3 years and 51 weeks since you signed up birdie:


That's a lot of Liberty and Freedom information; remedy and help you've supplied to others with your countless hours of research, and we thank you birdie.

At least I have made an attempt, and here's my track record to prove it: http://www.dailypaul.com/myposts/21952

Can you prove the above write up false? If so, please bring it to the forefront birdie, we are all looking for remedy, and from looking at your track record of posts, you are the MAN who can bring it.

Waiting in suspense.

GoodSamaritan's picture

But where do we send the bill?

I agree that forcing private citizens or businesses to collect taxes or do other government work is a form of slavery. However, it's one thing to say you're going to charge a fee and it's another to collect it. Is that process explained in the video?

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Did you watch the video?

Have you watched any of his other videos? He talks about these things, but I can't just pull phrases and sentences out of two hour videos; you'll have to spend a little time watching and learning to learn how to enforce the fee schedules.

Look up Dean Clifford Trust Law on YouTube; he's got a lot of info our there.

You can send fee schedules to the Secretary of State; the Attorney General, or whoever you think needs one. The chief council for the police department; the Governor, hell, send everyone one. Make a copy to carry around with you.

It can even be a negotiable fee schedule. You say you want $50,000.00/hour, they can counter your offer with an offer of their own. If you don't like their counteroffer, kindly turn them down.

I don't even know if you need to file one anywhere in advance. Just carry it with you. If an agency contacts you via mail, reply with a rebuttal and fee schedule.

Kind of like a Chinese restaurant: They don't send you a dining fee schedule in advance do they? Nope, you see it when you show up and sit down. If the prices are too high, you get up and leave and go next door to another restaurant.

Grocery Store: You walk in a see the prices, and say "Hey, these prices are great, I'll shop here", or you say "Damn, these people are too high for my pocket book, I'm going elsewhere".

Does the police department send you a fee schedule in advance, or just drop the bomb on you? Does the State send you a fee schedule, or just drop the bomb on you?

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Don't even dare hire someone who owes back child support

The amount of paperwork you have to provide the government is incredulous. You are required to provide them with all the records you have in order to help them track the person down. While I'm all about people taking responsibility for their kids, it's ridiculous the amount of time you have to take, as if there's not already enough paperwork and money to be paid out just to have an employee.

They want you to provide them with records?

Fine; your fee for chasing down those records is $2,500.00 per/hour.

Is it your job to track down paperwork for them?

Not unless you're getting paid :)


but this business owner quit reading after UN garbage was cited. Waste. Of. Time.


You just quit reading because of an UD of HR excerpt? .... LOL

That is a basic foundation of human rights, that is pretty well recognized in most civilized countries, isn't it?

Let me ask you something: Is slavery legal in the United States?

Can they compel you to perform without pay? Can anyone in this country come to your house and tell you to get outside and dig them a hole for their mailbox, without an agreement between the two of you on how much you are getting paid for digging that hole?

Always someone who comes along in a thread and tries to discredit the entire thing because a few sentences, that were actually meant to give an example; or to give people a basic concept of the idea of being worked without pay.

I always have to laugh when someone (anyone, not just me) makes a very relevant post, with tons of good information others can learn from, and someone leaves a comment like that in an attempt to completely discredit the entire overall concept.

"I quit reading when I seen a period was used instead of a comma" "It's a complete waste of time because the author started a sentence with a verb" ... "The entire article has no merit because the author cited an example that comes from a UDHR Article"



just maybe, you could study up on the UN?

Get real.


Maybe you could study up on slavery:

Get Real.

Me too

It is a good idea though.


Screw the UN. We should be out asap! I'm disappointed that this has been voted up.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

how many people does this

how many people does this actually effect? not saying it's a bad idea, but the impact may not be much. regardless, it is another regulation that is forcing employers away from america.

Well, how many people in this country are NOT government

Employees? 320 Million? 325 Million? I'd say that's a lot of people.

Anyone, who is not a government employee; who is not receiving a bi-weekly check from the state or federal government; who has not signed into an employment contract with them, and is not performing a function of government is effected by this.

Their internal statutory codes, rules, and regulations do not apply to anyone who is not receiving a paycheck from them.

Why do you think they call it the "Internal" Revenue Service?

They've just hoodwinked the entire country over years of media propaganda into believing they have some magical jurisdiction over everyone within these borders, and it simply is not so.

Someone already pointed out

that the businesses already spend a huge amount of time collecting and amassing payroll taxes, but I don't know about other states, but in California, the sales tax is actually a tax on the business, not the customer. The businesses add the price of the tax to the goods to avoid having to pay it. It's a standard business practice and it makes sense, but if you see a price, for example, of $49.99, it's always $49.99+tax. Businesses do not, of course, have to pass this tax directly on to the customer, but why on earth wouldn't they? They're going to have to pay it anyway whether they do or not, and at least it makes the customer aware of the price increase caused by the tax. Of course, in order to do that they have to keep track of it all, but since they have to do that anyway, it doesn't really cause any increase in paperwork. It's a small distinction, but an important one for legal reasons.

One does not have to track their total sales.

Except to report it to the government so they can check if you applied the tax surcharge correctly. If you can't prove your sales, they can estimate it for you.

Plus there are numerous forms that have to be filed correctly in a timely fashion.

Some jurisdictions wack you with a property tax on your capital investments that you use to produce the sales another jurisdiction will tax.

Government does not produce a product that people will voluntarily purchase. If they did they would not use threat force to collect taxes.

Free includes debt-free!

So how can they tax a business that is not performing a

function of government? Lets say you have a Car Wash or a Home Internet Business. Is either of those performing a function of government?

If not, then how can they tax that business? Does the government own it? Are you, the owner of the business a government employee?

Are they financing any part of your business? Have you entered into a partnership with the government? If they claim you have, can they provide you with the contract in which shows valuable consideration in your behalf? Can they provide a record of the money they invested into your business, that has absolutely NOTHING to do with government?

Can they just kick down your door and demand you give them a percentage of the money YOU made with your own investment/time/labor, in which they had absolutely nothing to do with?

If they claim yes, what is their proof? What's the one document they have in their possession that gives them authority to run your business and take 40% of your money?

There must be a document somewhere, right? Surely they have a business contract in which you both signed, that shows valuable consideration for BOTH parties, right?

You know what gives them the authority?

Our ignorance of what they are doing; our lack of rebuttal; our lack of making them prove up their claim.

Our willingness as individual sheep with a herd mentality, to just follow along and never question jurisdiction or authority.

That's it, plain and simple. They claim it's so, and we just scratch our head and say "Uh, Okay, I guess I do owe you that money, it says so on that piece of paper" .... LOL

It is Long Overdue that we wake the hell up in this country.

Unpaid Tax Collector was slavery. I hated it.

If government comes up with a public works project, then let it hold a telethon.

Direct voting as a voluntary consumer is the only form of democracy worth a tinker's damn.

Free includes debt-free!

Businesses have been collecting payroll taxes without

compensation since the 1940s.

I don't expect the sheep to begin growling now.

Thanks for posting.

very interesting.