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TITLE: New Age Dawning Short Parable (Libertarians like Parables)

As with any dawn a tree knows no light but that which clings to the margins, for only on the edge can a tree be appreciated at this hour.

Consider the entire tree of humanity. This tree which has been conquered by darkness from night, and all pure thoughts driven to the margins to find their salvation at dawn.

Once a dawning sun rises the light has become powerful enough to form words and speaks out from a small niche amongst the top of the tree “I come from Austria and I am an economist” says this light. “The tree is withered and suffering, consuming itself it has starved the soil of exchanges for which in, our tree is eternal.”

It is still dawn, the tree is still hidden beneath the veil of light and riddled with answers the tree responds,
“Look at my jesters, the decoration, and the lights. I am so astonishing who needs the soil. Besides, you are perched so high only buffoons will believe you.”

The sun clicks higher and the light burns brighter from below this human tree is seen, to which a voice springs out from the light, “I am a Permaculturalist and see this tree has consumed itself such that the dew below is but a dried casket, damned from the forest of eternal light the tree of humanity will find a resting place if the soil is not replenished . As above so below this tree will find its resting place.”

The tree, in fear of shedding light points to the left and then to the right. From the darkness comes these words, “No poor creature wallowing beneath my feet, as above so below? Global warming explains this heat.”

The sun clicks higher and the tree breathes wider and the voice retreats into the leaves. In this time each branch rejoices to find the voice was not the tree. Wide the tree grows to escape the tusks of the beast that wait for dusk, the tongue of which that follows. The tree sings all day not to forget where its salvations lay.

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