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Ron Paul's Advice for Unity in the Freedom Movement

I just finished reading Dr. Paul's Freedom Under Siege - 1987 (If you are not yet in a healthy habit of reading in preparation for this Revolution, I urge you to)...and I came across this on one of the last pages. It's very applicable to today I believe (as is the rest of the book, it's not like he's changed a position).

Friends of freedom must quickly assemble and plan strategy. Everyone has a vital interest in the outcome. Broad agreements are crucial; arguing minute details of solutions to difficult problems can undermine the movement and become purely negative. Perfection by man in the struggle for freedom is not achievable. Denial of personality differences and legitimate differences of opinion are a mistake. Refusing to agree on generalized and precise principles guarantees failure.

It is possible for some who claim kinship to the freedom movement to inadvertently serve the statists by undermining the important work on which we can agree. Agreeing on the libertarian principal of nonaggression is worthwhile. Demanding that everyone agree on every single cent in the defense budget is nonproductive. Human beings are imperfect, and no one person or collective wisdom of anybody or body of persons can produce perfect solutions. Intellectual collectivism should not replace a single person’s individuality to think for himself and defend freedom while agreeing on broad principles.

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This is probably the best advice we can get.
If we do not consider this (and this is what I have been harping on, too, esp regarding the "Paul campaign", who's neither been FOR PAUL, nor for US), we may as well just give up.
I am so NOT ready to give up, it's like the first day of campaigning, for me. Let's all just agree to leave what's past in the past, and work toward the ONE GOAL: get Ron Paul nominated and elected as OUR president.
The rest will fall inline.

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

Denial of personality differences and legitimate differences of

"Denial of personality differences and legitimate differences of opinion are a mistake."

A+ Dr. Paul

Wholeheartedly agree with that comment below.

One of the hardest things to do in this works is swallow our pride, our hatred or demeanor towards others, and merely preach what we teach, stick to our guns, walk and talk. We are supposed to try to be like Jesus and as no man on earth but him was perfect he is a perfect example. Treat others as u would have then treat you :)

Oath of Freedom
for the True north, strong & free!

This is what I've come to

This is what I've come to realize: People have different opinions. They will attack you and call you names because you have a different view than them. However, if you join in and attack or call them names back, they have ultimately won. Because then they can tell their story of how "Those damn Paulbots just called me names and personally attacked what I believe." It makes the whole movement look bad, which is what their looking for. When I come across these situations I simply type up what I really wanna say, then step back, take a deep breath and delete what I typed, replacing it with something like he talks about here. The best way to lead is by setting a good example. And by setting good examples and not going off on tantrums with people who are still sleeping, Maybe people will start to respect us more and start to listen to what we have to say. It really sucks, biting your tongue and being nice to people who can discredit your whole movement so easily by just coming into contact with one bad "Ron paul supporter". But I do it, for the cause of liberty.

Nicely said

Some people of the DP community even destroy each other with verbal attacks and clique mentality. We could all benefit with being more accepting of others ideas and pathways to Liberty.

Another example of how the

Another example of how the man has always been consistent and a beacon on the principle of liberty. Even on the issue of 'disagreement'(which I see can easily be made into a big deal over every little thing), he's "Liberty" minded. He's also a realist in this case. If we spent half our time arguing over things that end up effecting very little, then that'd be half of our time spent away from the real issues of the Fed, the wars, and the growing Federal government. Not to belittle the validness of some of these disagreements, but their value is different from person to person. So why not we focus on the things that we all agree are EXTREMELY important, make progress, then use the extra time to have respectful debate.

On a side note, discussions completely away from the campaign of Ron and the liberty movement(like lifestyle subjects), I fully agree for constant open discussion, but it seems the most damage to the movement itself has come from assuming every 'downturn' has to be a plot, or to assume that every downturn is a 'coincidence', then bickering over 'whodunnit'. In the end, we often forget to DEAL with the problem at hand.

A good prescription from the Doc

It's funny that the best way to settle small disputes is to agree on broader ones...or it can be said that the best answer to small disputes is more freedom for each to do as they please...what a shocking revelation!

Quite a Zen approach

There is this Zen story of a teacher who puts a black dot on the white wall in front of the class and asks each and every pupil "what do you see?". They all tell him that they see a black dot, point etc.

He then says:... you are all correct, only you all missed one big thing and that is the white wall.

If we look at all the beautifull things in life that are allready supplied by existence, .... life, freedom, love, bountless beauty, friendliness, companionship, laughter, .... then arguing and getting angry over the little differences is just very very unintelligent and foolish.

It should be noticed that intelligence is actually not a force of computing in the brain, but is the ability to feel the heart, to enjoy the feeling of love and beauty. The mind should know it's place, it is the servent of the heart

"And remember, a half-truth is far more dangerous then a complete lie, because the complete lie is going to be discovered sooner or later - just a little intelligence is needed. But the half-truth is very dangerous, even intelligent people, very intellige

The man, the myth, the

The man, the myth, the legend.

Thanks for posting this.

Good thing you didn't mention Rand Paul or Jack Hunter or you would have had 157 NEGATIVE votes.

That's OK, I'll let the sock puppets down vote MY comment instead. ;-)

Seriously, did you really have to read a book to figure out that people in the liberty movement shouldn't go around trashing some of our best leaders and spokesmen just because they disagree with (or don't understand) every aspect of their ideology or strategy?

Not being critical. I am actually curious.

Or were you trying to remind the rest of us of a basic characteristic of ANY successful political movement; tolerance of your fellow-travelers?

Personally, I am tolerant of almost anything except the kind of destructive and exclusionary behavior I have been witnessing on the Daily Paul since the Rand endorsement.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Wasn't new to me

No, the idea of loving, patient tolerance and unity was not new to me when I read the book. I had already grasped those principles since I believe in the Resurrection and believe that Christ's prescription for unity within the Church are sound principles that apply to the whole of human experience. But I know there are several hear who are much more apt to respect the advice from Ron Paul's lips, so I thought it'd be a good idea to post his phrasing of the truth.

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

Not to nitpick

but what you are saying is directly the opposite of

"Denial of personality differences and legitimate differences of opinion are a mistake"

You are getting mad at other peoples opinion because they didn't like yours.

I think the point of this is to just figure out that we all want the same thing, Freedom Fighting this small stuff will create problems.

I don't think you're nitpicking

I think you're pointing out what many of us have tried to say in multiple paragraphs and sharing how Dr. Paul does it with one sentence.


Here is a workable blue print for the liberty movement in all states.


Wow! ...

If only this message had permeated his campaign sooner. 2 things I admire most about Dr. Paul and they go hand in hand: 1.) He never deviates from his principles but 2.) he's pragmatic enough to know that constructive compromises are necessary if ideals are ever going to be realized.

So sad that this is over and that we are now destined for 4 more years of corporate dominance. Hope we can work together to get it right next time.


If you sign off for another four years... we lose.

Pick something productive to in the mean time. If you can't stomach taking over the Republican Party (by far our best strategy) then at least do SOMETHING.

Getting involved in a presidential campaign every four years and treading water in the meantime is a recipe for failure.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I second!

I'm going to take over the Arizona GOP. They won't accept anything but Paul supporters 2014 and 2016.


Outstanding post, Thanks!

SteveMT's picture

Your post hits the core issue we face in the Liberty Movement.

As I see it, there are three options about how we move forward. Which way is the right way is the question?

1. Values first: Identify the core principles that bind us together and stick to them. Identify and support only those people that meet these criteria, which could be none at all. We could come up empty-handed with the 'principle bar' set too high.

2. People first: Identify individuals who are generally Liberty minded and adapt our core principles to fit these people. We stress the issues that we agree with these people and diminish/downplay/not address those issues that we disagree with. We will no doubt find people to support, but our principles will no doubt be compromised.

3. Totally open: Do neither. Be completely fluid in what we believe and who we support on a case-by-case basis.

This may represent very simplistic thinking, but all of the current turmoil on the Daily Paul indicates that there is no absolute right way. Each one of these options has pluses and minuses. What to do? Feedback about this is appreciated.

You need to rethink your options.

People are fallible and/or corruptible and always will be.
We can not afford to rely on the integrity of one man or even a small group of people.

But applying a litmus test, or worse, a series of tests for ideological purity for our compatriots is also a recipe for disaster.

The libertarians (and traditional conservatives) are notorious for eating our young. There are personality reasons why this would be our tendency anyway, but it is a trait that has been and is being cynically EXPLOITED by our enemies.

Given our tendency to argue and nitpick, being exclusionary over a set of "values" is going to lead inevitably to fragmentation and dilution of our efforts.

Call me paranoid (and, yes, I am aware of the irony of making such a statement on the Daily Paul) but don't you think that the enemies of freedom might find it worthwhile to come onto forums like ours and stir up hatred, animosity, and suspicion against our best leaders not to mention one another?

You don't think so? Really? You don't think that there are literally trillions of dollars and global political empires at stake?

You really think that ALL of the people who are benefiting from the status quo are too stupid or complacent to realize this?

You really think someone like Rand Paul could be seduced or paid off, but that They wouldn't be able to buy the loyalties of a few Daily Paulites to trash talk and down vote true patriots?

You really think that They couldn't afford to have those same people create multiple dummy accounts to down-vote REAL comments and up-vote their own divisive horses**t posts and comments?

"Totally open"?

Heck, we already are leaking like a sieve.

Assuming we could even tell who "we" are.

The Virtual Conspiracy

SteveMT's picture

We may be equally paranoid, but what ARE the other options?

This should be like formulating an equation. We need to decide what we are looking for and what we want more. Do we want bedrock Constitutional grounding to be of the utmost importance without the requirement of a person (leader) OR do we want a person(s) without the requirement of totally supporting bedrock Constitution issues? We cannot have it both ways, IMO.

1. Totally objective criteria with defined values.
In other words, what the person says and does will be measured against the Constitution.
2. Totally subjective criteria with primary importance on appearance, attire, ability to communicate, demeanor, charisma with secondary importance placed on Constitutional congruency.
3. No defined objective or subjective criteria. Anything goes.

These are all of the possible choices open to us. What are the other options?

There are no two groups who

There are no two groups who use "divide and conquer" strategy better; News and politicians. I do hope voters begin seeing beyond the minor things we can never agree on.



4 Free Audio books by President Paul

NOTE: Not sure why the links didn't show up correctly...maybe the MOD can fix. If not, just copy and paste into brower..hit enter.

After downloading these files, the first 2 I had to rename from .m4b to .mp3 to get them to play. (using windows media)

These 4 President Paul audio books will teach you more than you leaned in 12 or 16 years of skcruel. Burn to cd. listen to on road tirps...like the one coming up to tampa. And/or listen to them before bed and while you sleep. The info will get programed into your brain. Real, honest, truthful, educational programming for a change :)

The Revolution: A Manifesto http://libertyactivism.info/wiki/File:The_Revolution_-_Ron_Paul_(read_by_Bob_Craig).m4b


Gold, Peace, and Prosperity

Mises and Austrian Economics

Thank you.



May us all continue to be involved in whatever our path is for freedom and liberty!

I really like the idea of posting a quote

from one of RP's books here on DP to discuss. Haven't really seen that much.

It would be wrong to assume that even his most ardent supporters have read all of his books. I know I haven't. But even for those who have read them all, maybe they didn't have an opportunity to discuss them with others. And what better place for that than DP?

Thank You.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

ytc's picture

If Daily Paul can host such a daily quote

from Ron Paul collection, THAT alone will give us a good reason to stop by at least once a day :-)

(. . . well, now I only come here two dozens times a day, mind you ;-)

Again, ahead of his time

As the world catches up to the prophet. I saw a sermon on Sunday TV about forgetting all the little things, like "I can't pay my bills, or "unemployment is x high". Oh boy, did that take me back into perspective. I can't manage anything at all in this huge liberty movement other than my thoughts and actions. I certainly can't manage all those people I tried to get through to. What a gift, finally, because of that short message.. I can see what Dr. Paul's saying.. It's all about common ground. Then building from there. I feel a burden lifted and some peace. Great minds and thinkers such as Ron Paul's: Don't get into the little stuff.

Wise and sound advice.

Thanks for sharing.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."