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A picture that makes you go huh?

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The impact of styrofoam wings would have left litle white balls of positively-charged styrofoam balls, that would have clinged for months on the nylon-laden uniforms of all the 'top brass's uniforms. The 'official' '9/11 hearings' on C-SPAN would have been interrupted with infommercials for 'lint-remover' things, and those 'shiny badges' by the 'generals' would have been obfuscated by the billions (TRILLIONS) of 'little white balls' that made the Pentagon's lawn look like a 'CADDYSHACK' devotee's Bill Murray WET DREAM!

NO, the wings were made out of the same type of plastic that built the window crank handles of the 'YUGO'. You KNOW that they were 'there', but when you try to find them, they break off in your hand!



Maybe they were transported to Area 51 right right before impact, sounds almost as good an explanation as the government gave us.


Will this ever be put to

Will this ever be put to rest? Makes me weary just thinking about what would have to happen.
At the very least they let it happen. I rather think they helped it along though.
I wonder what the current majority opinion is on 9/11.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Just Think

How much progress the liberty movement could make if we weren't spending our time tilting at the 9-11 conspiracy windmill. Heck the "truthers" are probably here just to distract and discredit the liberty movement. At any rate anyone who wants to help the liberty movement will let the whole thing go. There is no way to prove anything in any specific direction, it only wastes our time and diminishes our credibility. Let's focus on real provable government overreach from now on.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois


You are too worried about the 'majority opinion'.

The issue is TRUTH; not what a 'majority' of sheople 'think' happened.
Since the last 'polling numbers' were done in late 2007 (72% thought that the truth was NOT revealed by the '9/11 Commission Report'), your question is NOT RELEVANT to the REALITY.
MOST of the 'D.C.' people live in VIRGINIA.
Bunch of East Coast 'cowboys', by and large, from my personal observations of this populace.
YOU 'rather think' 'they' 'helped it along', 'though'.
NO STANCE, one way or the other?

'They' (undefined entities or persons) 'helped it along' (were in either active or passive conspiracy to commit mass murder on the population of their own nation), THOUGH?


It must SUCK to live in VIRGINIA. I mean, you can't even EXPRESS YOUR OPINION without THREATS from the various 'government agencies'!


You are reading too far into

You are reading too far into my comment.

I, RATHER, than believing they simply allowed it to happen, think they helped it happen. IE, they made it happen.

My question is plenty relevant to reality. Until a large enough number of people start thinking about what happened, we will never see squat done about it. 72% dont think the entire truth was revealed? How many of those people bothered questioning that the government was actually involved in making this happen? That percentage isnt going to be quite as high.

Now, maybe you should calm down a little and instead of using capitals every other sentence, you try and sound like a rational person so you dont scare people away.(you know, like "normal" people who listen to the tv) There are plenty of times when the need for emotion is there, but this is not one of them.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Please watch the video link

Please watch the video link in Michael's comment!! My whole view on 9/11 has changed. I was hesitant at first since I was one of those "yeah right" people and rolled my eyes. At least give it a watch.


This info is quite pertinent.
Any patriot that has not seen this movie is not sufficiently motivated.
ANY TROLLER that discredts the evidence presented is either LYING, or MISDIRECTING.


You'll never get ME on a cruise missile...

...after seeing this!!

be prepared


Slim Pickens was one of my Stanley Kubrich heroes!

The damage was not consistent with a 'Cruise Missile', and the engine parts do not align with the forensic evidence of the same, taken from the site at the event.

Reporting from Burbleson Air Force Base...



me either. ; }


Have I missed something over the last four years?

Or did Nystrom just "come out".

I would NEVER have taken up with any of this political or Constitutional stuff had it not been for three things;

1. I accidentally attended a two day Constitutional conference that my wife scheduled us for in Philly.
2. Then I saw America: Freedom to Fascism
3. Then I saw a video of WTC-7 coming down.

I didn't sleep for almost three days...

My life has never been the same and I don't believe America will ever move forward until 9/11/01 is re-opened and clean-up.
This isn't some false flag that was pulled off in some far away country, or in the middle of an ocean, or that only affected a few people. This crime has gutted "America" -- the American way -- out of one of only two countries in history that were established WITHOUT a king.

You Missed NOTHING.

Mr. Nystrom was here, all along.

You perhaps failed to see it.


So what is the source of this picture?

I'm nO stanger to 9-11, but this is the first time I've seen this photo.

Share this:


I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

That Is a Good Question.

A better question is; What is the DATE of this picture?

The 'official' 'AMERICAN' USGOVERNMENT FEMA photographer who took pics of the empty gold vault under WTC6 was forced to expatriate, after false charges of the murder of his wife by the PTB, so i would not worry so much about the 'ORIGIN' but rather the 'TIMELINE'.


Not the same ...

Life has not been the same.

Socializing with people has not been the same.

... not the same.

What has Ron Paul done for me? Inspired to research history.

War Is A Racket

Smedley Butler.
The 'Lavon Affair'.
The 'U.S.S. Liberty'.
Pearl Harbor.
World war One, and 'Archduke Ferdinand'.
Henry Kissinger.
The 'Bay Of Pigs'.
The War Of 1812.
The Stock Market 'CRASH' of 1907.
The 'sinking' of the 'Titanic'?
Operation 'Paperclip'?
Mina, Arkansas?
The foundation of the CIA.
The 'World bank'.
The 'Bank of International Settlements'.
Malta (allied powers meeting between FDR, Churchill, and Stalin).
John Roberts, Supreme Court CHIEF Justice, and his TRIP TO MALTA after his 'landmark decision'.

YES, You are correct. It is actually NOT THE SAME as you were led to think.
I give you some 'research topics'.


looks like my industrial

looks like my industrial burnout hometown. what's new.

my diy adventure blog: dickdoesit.blogpsot.com

What is that picture of? I'm

What is that picture of? I'm sure it doesn't look like the site of a plane crash.

It does sorta look like something that will destroy the US Constitution.

They Live!

Go back to sleep.
What you are seeing is NOT ALLOWED by sheople like you.

This is NOT a real picture.
YOU were NOT there.

Hannity, O'Rielly, Levin, and Limbaugh have been authorized to assure YOU that the 9/11 attacks took place as DESCRIBED in the OFFICIAL 9/11 REPORT, and any deviation by CITIZENS such as yourself will be met with the following:

Using the other side of the dicotomy is sometimes a BLAST!


Certainly not 9/11/01 where a

Certainly not 9/11/01 where a "757" crashed into the pentagon...

Surely Not

??? I mean, where is the wing damage, and some debris perhaps

Yes, WTF?

Being from OZ, I expect that you know about the Rupert Murdoch ties to the MSM up here in the CONUS.
FAUX 'news' does a GREAT job of obfuscation.
Watch as their 'star', O'Rielly', does another job, making Americans go along with the GWOT:

She's NOT right, mate.
The 3 years i spent in Manly taught me that Crumpets are best served with butter and peanut butter (and WAY BETTER than 'Englich Muffins'), and Vegimite and Marmite taste like fecal matter. Last i heard, Manly Beach was a 'nude beach', and the hydrofoils 'Manly' and 'Fairlight' are no longer in service. MANLY was a red-and-white paint sceme, and 'Fairlight' was a blue-and white one (more modern, and capable of over 70 passengers).

We are ONE, and we are EVERYWHERE, and we are INDIVIDUALS, as well!

God bless you!


A Shame

That this picture was taken so late, way after the top two stories collapsed (the area where the rest of the 'plane' would have struck).

A 'PLUS' for showing the fact that there are no signs of damage in the areas on either side that should have 'wing' and 'engine' impact damage. and the obvious lack of airplane debris on the lawn (like luggage, shoes, seats, body parts, hydraulic lines, an APU engine, landing gear parts, or other 'expected remains').

Got any pics of the five square miles of small debris in the Shanksville area? The initial reports put engine and wing parts over seven miles away, across a lake.
How about the 'Google Earth' pic of the 'scar', that was taken in '95 (the tailings from an old strip mine)?
The LAWS OF PHYSICS were broken many more times than most people even realize!


Michael Nystrom's picture

In Plane Site

was the video that got me turned on to 911 Truth.

I was living in Taiwan from 2003 - 2005, but I had the internet. I started reading about a French production called "Spot the Boeing" or "Hunt the Boeing" that initially got me intrigued, and I started my online research.

On a trip to Hong Kong, I found a vendor in a night market selling "In Plane Site" which I had read about, but had never seen. It is available online now, but wasn't at the time.

You can watch it here:

In many ways, my life has never been the same since. I'm constantly reminded of the F.Scott Fitzgerald quote,

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.

Well, I must be a first rate intelligent, since I've maintained the ability to function..

Another great book to read is Crossing the Rubicon.

That was published in 2004. After reading it, I realized that the Rubicon had been crossed.

Most people thought I was crazy. That is when I realized I was alone.

There is a handful of people here on the DP that know I'm not, and to you I offer my honest and sincere gratitude.

He's the man.

To those who don't believe they could be 'hoodwinked'

I remind them that David Copperfield made The Statue of Liberty 'disappear'. Maybe he helped them.(?)

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

Eye Opeing Experience

Thank you Michael for sharing your eye opening experience with me, “In Plane Site.” Thank you for sharing the DP with me. It is nice to come to a site where it is plain to see that I am not crazy alone anymore!

Theory vs Possibility

I love that differentiation.
Conspiracy theory vs conspiracy possibility.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut