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YouTube wants my REAL name linked to my YouTube account and now I can't reply

So YouTube asked me to link my Google+ account (aka my real name) to my YouTube account today.

For privacy and many other reasons I declined. Unfortunately it caused a problem (intentionally I'm guessing) once they asked me to link up, I could no longer reply to comments (and probably other things)

I tried linking my other little used account to my G+ account and waddayouknow, it can reply fine.

I searched around a bit and found a quick fix for this. this problem started about 6 days ago and seems to be consistent across all browsers. In every case I've read it always happens if you decline to linkup or you don't have a G+ account tied to your account.

To reply if it is not working try this, make a bookmark and put this into the location area. (dont add the quotes "") then EVERYTIME you want to reply, you must first click the bookmark you made.


If you guys think I'm trolling or something... try and reply to a YouTube video comment if the pop down menu doesn't work then try this.

If you think I'm a hacker or something then search for the fix yourself.

Anyways this REAL name system did NOT work out to well for Blizzard entertainment when they tried it with REALid... I don't understand why google thinks it will work for them.

It's scary how the whole of the internet is becoming intertwined with these social networking sites. Even more so now that employers are asking for access to accounts for review

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Make a new google account with a different name

I never use my real name on any of the internet. I have 2 facebook accounts-one with my real name for friends and family and the other for everything else. I have two twitter accounts. I use my real picture, but it is 5 yrs. old and I don't even look like that anymore. My real name isn't Ralph.
My real email never gets any junk mail or spam, but my alias email gets tons of junk every few minutes. My parents and siblings do the same. I know they are trying to make this against the law, but until then, this is the only way my privacy is semi protected.