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3 Tour Airborne Infantry/Sniper on Fighting with Allied Kurds, Mustard and Sarin Gas, Some Serious Anger and Shame

Anyone ever feel the need to randomly apologize to God for the acts of some of the most atrocious behaviors of others? Just learned something about Saddam Hussein... while I knew America gave him money and munitions during the Iraq/Iran war (because of Blowback from the Iranian Revolution), the US Government also gave Saddam biological weapons and the same mustard and sarin gas used against the Kurds. We did that...I'm in a little bit of shock. My third deployment was to northern Iraq and we fought along side many Kurds who had clear memories of the chemical attacks. We had our own chemical blood agents used against us at Camp Justice in Baghdad. I'm fairly certain many of the munitions used against my unit in Paktika, Afghanistan were paid for by the CIA. Our fathers' war, Vietnam, was fought against an asset of the OSS/CIA before bogging us down in Southeast Asia. This is sick.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein

This is not how the land of freedom and liberty lives. This is not which those whom chose to serve the ideals they swear to defend with their lives. No matter the outcome of August and November, the Revolution MUST continue. The liberties of life, liberty, and happiness do not only apply to Americans and for the sake of those innocents across the world, for the sake of their individual liberty, we have to ensure peace and integrity to our government. We must no longer lay the foundations for future wars by allowing the paranoia and the fascism ingrained in the mindset of our war addicted nation and government. We are the Revolution Army, and we fight for those who can not, indeed for those who sadly know no better. Because have compassion and love and justice.

Set the incompatible differences aside, it is our differences which bring us together. We have a War Against Hate to win and that is why this is the rEVOLution.

To The Top! Climb To Glory!
SSG. Rhys Williams
10th Mountain Div. Light Infantry

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Americans should delve into what the Kurds' view was

on Liberty and the right to life, they are the oldest civilization, 12,000 years I believe, and have fought for Liberty in this timespan of history, You should post the Kurdish Militia men, they are called the "Peshmerga" meaning, those who face death, they are directly similar to the militia here, they fought guerilla warfare against Saddam and Iranian regimes to protect the Kurdish people, they have survived for so long now, liberty was their way of life, their fierce loyalty and exceptional bravery would make Navy seals proud to fight along them, no kidding

They have survived constant brutal and oppressive regimes, Northern Iraq is Kurdistan, consists of Kurds, the economy their is growing so fast despite all this, but unfortunately war on oil occurs there also,