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Ben Swann Gets Reality Checked

Turns out he is right ;). Gold is money.



Here is the Washington Times Article

Does gold set the price for oil?


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Ben does not fully understand

Ben does not fully understand what he is talking about here. His explanation of what made the dollar a fiat currency is incorrect and his assertion that the dollar has to be backed by a commodity (Gold /silver etc)in order to stabilize it is shortsighted as is Ron Paul's desire to return to a Gold standard.

What Ron Paul and Ben Swann do not understand is that the problem is not fiat currency, America thrived under Colonial Script which was a fiat currency until England sabotaged it..and history is full of examples of successful fiat currencies.. The problem is WHO controls the fiat currency. Who creates the fiat currency and who charges interest on the fiat currency. Who controls the currency was what the Revolutionary War was fought over.

A currency backed by Gold and run by private financiers is nothing new. It's been done before. You can't try and pin the currency to a commodity and hope it keeps people honest... that's a childish and naive view. What you need is honest people to began with. Fiat currency is not the problem and a gold standard is not the solution.

We don't need a new system, we need our government to honor the constitution and take back it's responsibility to create our money. We need honest people in government with morals and character to lead the charge.
I love Ben Swann, he just has to do a little more research in order to better understand the issue.

I'm with you to an extent.

Although i tend to agree with our buddy dr. paul, I think competing currencies are the answer. Ya know the ole free market approach, at the same time, I'm not against the treasury printing it's own interest free fiat dollar, as long as I'm not forced to use it. Like bill still says it's not about what backs the money but the supply of that money that truly matters. I like his bit about the tally sticks in the money masters it raises a very good point. Yet people in a free country should be able to trade in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, corn, wheat, or used panties, if they so choose. However I will admit used panties might not be the most fungible medium of exchange.

If Ben had his own 60 minutes of TV I'd be willing to bet he'd cover all the bases. There is only so much info you can pack into a 5 min news spot and as we all know there's a lot of ground to cover when dealing with understanding our broken monetary system. In other words, give the guy a break he's trying.

It's colonial scrip,

not script.

I think Brownians are Childish and Naive

You sound like a Brownian...(fan of Ellen Brown "Web of Debt"). I think Ellen Brown is very, very intelligent and she presents her arguement and theory clearly, but the problem I have with Brownian theory is that it depends upon honest people in government and honest government...and, unfortunately, those are oxymorons. So where are you going to find these honest statemen and women to administer this banking system? To me this is again giving up Liberty for security and we can all see how well that has worked.

FRankly the only truly honest dude in government is Ron Paul. And if he loses his bid for POTUS he retires! Leaving a honesty vacuum in his wake.

Also, would you please name one Fiat currency in history that has not ultimately failed?

Here's a interesting read on the subject from the Daily Reckoning:

"The history of fiat money, to put it kindly, has been one of failure. In fact, EVERY fiat currency since the Romans first began the practice in the first century has ended in devaluation and eventual collapse, of not only the currency, but of the economy that housed the fiat currency as well.

Why would it be different here in the U.S.? Well, in actuality, it hasn’t been. In fact, in our short history, we’ve already had several failed attempts at using paper currency, and it is my opinion that today’s dollars are no different than the continentals issued during the Revolutionary War. But I will get into that in a moment. In the meantime, I will show you that fiat currencies have not been successful, and the only aspect of fiat currencies that have stood the test of time is the inability of political systems to prevent the devaluation and debasement of this toilet paper money by letting the printing presses run wild..."

Read more: Fiat Currency http://dailyreckoning.com/fiat-currency/#ixzz21Ov57ERK

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Thank You, Libertybell! That comment needed addressing,

and you did it over and above anything I could have hoped to do myself.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Ahhh...gee, you're makin' me

Ahhh...gee, you're makin' me blush. But thanks for the atta girl!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Nicely said, but...

I agree with nearly everything Mr. Swann said, except that another problem is the lacking infrastructure to transport oil here in the U.S. The Keystone pipeline was planned to help diminish this problem by building pipelines through oil booming Canada and Dakotas. It also would have employed quite a few people. Im not arguing that the Keystone project would single handily made oil prices plummet, but it certainly wouldnt hurt. Increasing supply and accessibility is what the free market is all about.

Of course Inflation is the leading factor in all of this. But that doesn't mean us Paul supporters should side with the left in not allowing more oil and gas production and pipelines to be built.

Oil: I think we need to stop thinking in terms of left and right

and try to determine what's the truth here and act accordingly, regardless of whose "agenda" it might happen to match. In this case, what it would mean is that there isn't need for anything to be rushed through Congress, before an appropriate environmental impact study was completed (for one) - especially given that the jobs are temporary; half the steel will come NOT from the U.S. but India and Canada; when apparently some benefit analysis failed to take into account the consequences of spills (based on traditional patterns as per the DOT), i.e., deaths and property damage; and when it is unclear where the oil is even headed. It's my understanding it's not for Americans (increasing supply) but will be transported across the U.S. and shipped out of Texas for Asia. It would be really nice if everything were laid out on the table so we could see the big picture and have an honest debate.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

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Many Thanks to Ben Swann

Keep up the great work!!


Thanks Ben!



I love Ben's reports...

...however i find it difficult to hit play on this one. Why? That pink tie. That's why.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

That is a terrible


The pink tie?

Oh my! May be the silliest thing I've ever heard here.

Still haven't watched it.

That femme tie is the silliest thing I have ever seen. Men don't wear pink. Little girls do. Period.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

Where is the video?

On the zero hedge link, the video has been removed for copyright reasons....

any other link?


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China will protect Iran

Here is a youtube video that comes from Chinese TV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gli9cuohC_s

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

It's only a matter of time when the OPEC Members

start demanding gold for oil. When this happens Americans will be so screwed, hyperinflation will start. Only gold and silver holders will have protection.

China is preparing for the day of the fiat dollar collapse. The Chinese are hoarding gold and silver, and they are building the worlds largest refinery in Saudi Arabia.

China has also promised to protect Iran from an US attack. When the US military backs down from china this will embolden the OPEC members to drop the dollar.


Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed


I agree. See my post below!

In Liberty.

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad

People can't handle the truth

OMG, once dangerous people in the media begin telling the truth to the “chattering class” there is no telling what catastrophe it will cause. We know people “can’t handle the truth”. Saw it in a movie once.


The dollar has spiked a bit due to the euro and gas has gone down in the last few weeks. But now oil is on its way up again and the dollar is not dropping. We will see how this plays out between now and the elections or should I say between now and bernankes qe3. Qe3 = 4.50-5.00 gas at the pumps?

Nixon, the Dollar and OPEC.

By the time Nixon had taken office, the dollar was reeling from the effects of going off the gold standard.
To counter the effect and bolster the supposed value of the dollar, Nixon convinced the Saudi's and OPEC to only trade oil for US dollars. This is the single greatest reason that our worthless fiat paper has any value at all. It is still the only currency accepted in oil trading.

Now, OPEC and others are wanting to change that policy. They would like to open the market to all currencies. If that were to happen, the dollar will lose more value worldwide.

Since the dollar has already lost so much value, this lends credence to what Is discussed in the video. Gold is real money, not paper. The Saudi's and OPEC without doubt understand that.

In essence, the dollar was originally backed by gold, then oil. If OPEC has its way, what will back the remaining value of the dollar? Nothing but faith, which has no tangible value.

Now more than ever, we need to return to the gold standard. As it should be. Auditing the fed is the first step, for if we audit the fed what is discovered will surely END THE FED. And that will lead us back to the gold standard.

The vote to audit the fed is coming next Tuesday. Call your Congressional Representatives today and insist they vote to pass this bill. It is time to end the fleecing of America.

Go Ron Paul !!!

In Liberty.

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad

End the FED

It is the biggest ponzi scheme ever perpetuated on the American people. For a hundred years Americans have given their sovereignty to foreigners. These elite blood suckers have sucked the financial blood out of our economy, and they used debt that is imaginary.

While we are at it we should end the IRS also.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Oh really?

Auditing the fed, will lead to ending the fed, which will lead to the gold standard. And where did you hear this propaganda. Because the only thing I see this leading to is a global currency controlled by global terrorists just like Bernanke.

I agree with you that we could and should use gold and silver as currency but first one would have to prosecute and take back all the gold and silver from the frauds who accumulated masses of this metal using these fraudulent fiat currencies. Which is easy enough to do as there are plenty of records available to track the metal to these culprits.

Words are important Little Smitty.

You have mis-quoted me. Read it again.

"for if we audit the fed, what is discovered will surely end the fed." is what I wrote.

Clearly, my point is that what is discovered is what will end the fed.
Far from propaganda, this is my opinion. One I am sure many others would agree with.

Words are important. if you are going to quote people, you must not omit words.

I read through your posts and replies since you joined us 2 weeks ago. Clearly you are very skeptical. That is good, we should all have a healthy skepticism in matters of government.

Welcome to the DP.

In Liberty.

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad

You missed my point.

I called your statement propaganda because it's the same propaganda the globalists are trying to spread. The globalist know once we audit the Fed, we will the Fed because of what is found when it's audited, which in turn will give the globalist their excuse to usher in a new currency, THEIR CURRENCY, THEIR GLOBAL FIAT CURRENCY. Not gold or silver backed currency which is how you predict the final outcome will be. When the globalist are devaluing the U.S. reserve note at hyperinflation speed the people are only going to be offered one choice as an alternative, and it won't be gold or silver, it will be their global fiat currency which the U.S. will have no control over. Much like the currency we have now which means we will have gained nothing from auditing and ending the Fed. That was my point and that is why I called this audit and ending the Fed nothing more than propaganda because that's all it is.

Any ideas on how

We help this station monetize Bens reporting? Do they post his vids on their website, with commercials? I want there to be no doubt that Ben Swann is making them money, and encourage other independents to follow suit.

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He explains complex issues with such

clarity -- honesty cuts right through Establishment smoke and mirrors.

By the time...

...I finished watching this I had a big stupid grin on my face. Ben Swann is awesome. This kind of stand-alone journalistic integrity is the kind of thing that inspires. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new wave of up-and-comer journalists not willing to compromise their integrity either. Check out Fabian4Liberty as an example. I think the market for paid conformity in the media is on the way out.

He is. I am glad he

He is. I am glad he reiterated this fact, too.