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Wasington Times Proves Ron Paul was Right

Fiat Dollar Is The Real Reason For High Gas Prices
Video by Ben Swann

Ben Swann Reality Check responds to a Washington Times column which fact checks Ben's assertion that the declining dollar is the reason for high gas prices

Here is the Washington Times Article

Does gold set the price for oil?

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Again, it's just too simple for the Average American

Over the past several years as gas prices have kept going higher and higher, I have constantly told people that gas is NOT more expensive...the value of the dollar keeps falling because of all the new money The FED is "printing". Seemlying intelligent people look at me like I just explained the higgs boson particle.

The most mindnumbing part of the scam being purpetrated on US citizens (in many areas...not just monotary policy) is how obvious and simple these scams really are. The very simplicity seems to be the anchor that keeps them chained to the illusion.

It's not uncommon for me to hear: "That's just to simple or too way that can be true...someone would have put a stop to it by must be missing are really starting to make me think your crazy"

And this is from some of the most well educated, intelligent people I know. It's like living in the twilight zone.

But it's awesome knowing the truth. As hard as it is to get people to wake up...I love living in reality and just doing my best to help those who truly want to know whats going on.


very well said, I have found the same thing.

I get the same response when I talk to people about "fossil" fuels.
I mean if Titan (a moon of Saturn) literally has oceans of the can anyone still believe this theory?

Thanks for posting.

Good stuff.