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More Ron Paul Censoring on www.Isidewith.com or computer problem?

Just took that quiz that everyone is taking and I was waiting for my results and I was hit with a BLANK PAGE!!

I know for a fact my canadate is Ron Paul so for them not to show me really pisses me off.

anyway here are my results.


I know for a fact its Ron Paul because on my phone I can type the address in and view the results..

but on my laptop its impossible to view it. Firefox, IE, and Chrome have blocked these results..

Just want to know if you have the same problem?

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I don't think so. I took it

I don't think so. I took it and was 98% Gary Johnson, 96% Ron Paul (which shows how close the two are) and something like 70% and lower for all others.

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Cool quiz...My results were

Cool quiz...My results were 98% with Dr. Paul....I'm proud :)

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works for me

you side 93% with Ron Paul apparently

Yup, same here. I can see

Yup, same here. I can see your results. Not bad either ;-)