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Blatant Stock Market Manipulation Becomes Obvious

The blatant manipulation of the stock market has become too obvious not to be noticed.
If the stock prices of Coke, McDonald's, and IBM can be moved around in synch so easily by the will of "someones machine", then the individual investor probably has a better chance in a casino.
What does this say about the price of gold or of anything really?
Libor is kids play compared to this! I suppose election fraud is as well.
Audit the Fed and shine a light on these crooks!

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Hasn't it been obvious since

Hasn't it been obvious since 2008? And Decades Before? See FOMC. I day trade a good bit; you can still make money in this market. Just don't fight the fed.

audit the fed bill is nothing.

they have already done all the damage. you need to have a bill to reverse that course, but ron is not providing that. sure, the fed will reveal itself, when it is way too late and something bigger is created, perhaps at the un level as ron as spoken before of a one world currency.

audit of the bill, as he knows, is dead on arrival in the senate, as he and his crony team has done nothing about it, as well as rand who has remained idle adn just lavishe praise on romney in the meantime.


...what would be worse...

if the SEC allowed brokerage firms to rob America'a retirement accounts by stealing the equity out of our accounts through naked short selling stocks and make TRILLIONS of dollars which was mostly given to the feds through taxes...and then allowed them to go out of business (nobody goes to prison)...and the media didn't cover it...and the result was the theft of America's retirement funds...and the records just happen to be in a steel structured building that collapsed in it's footprint (in a free fall) due to fires within...