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Hack Dana Milbank Disses Ron Paul's Attempts to End the Fed as 'Fruitless'

Political hack and possible journalist (unconfirmed at this moment) Dana Milbank reports that Ron Paul's End the Fed bill is DOA in the Senate. The respect his colleague's gave him was just a patronizing show.

And of course, Lord and Savior Ben Bernanke knows how to best deal with the economy. Only crazy uncles believe the kind of stuff Ron Paul does.


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great time for

letters to the editor in response - I'm doing it locally...I'd encourage others to do the same.

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

Milbank thinks he knows, but he is out of the loop and

does not grasp the feel of the public/constituents yet. This happens when you only surround yourself with a certain type of people. You lose the truth in what real people are thinking. This makes bad journalism and Milbank has made himself into a stuffy old dinosaur journalist. He is not cool or hip. Milbank has turned into an old fart.

What a flawed view.

End the Fed will happen when enought people are clear as to the criminal actions being commited. Issue of sovereign money as private compounding debt. False compounding sovereign national debt used to justify the immoral extorted theft called tax.

These parasitical owners of this criminal Fed corporation are like any thief, they will not stop until they are stopped. Since they have unlimited counterfit debt issue debt slave wealth and power it is not a easy small task. Yet if we reject this false debt and hold the human owners of the Fed crime bank responsible well it will end.

We can not endure another financial cycle of these criminals.



just read that, what a horrible article.