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I have decided to break from my anonymous nick to share something.

I like to keep my internet presence discreet and untied to my real life, but decided that I might break that to share something. I would ask that you do not repeat my real name in any of the comments below because I do not want the search engines picking it up. I am also posting it in off topic, because 1, it is off topic, and 2, I don't want it in the Active list.

This was my last performance at the Improv. I am working on a drug law/liberty bit but it isn't ready yet.

Warning: Explicit language and content.

If you feel compelled to tell me that I suck, understand that I have a fragile ego and a predisposition to violence. roflmao, just kidding folks... :)


[I moved this from to DP Member News now that there is a category for this. If anyone feels so inclined to leave positive comments on the youtube, or to like it I would be most appreciative. Negative comments can be sent to me directly at pleaseflagmeformonitoring@fbi.gov roflmao.]

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Being in off topic...

is kind of liberating in a way. I can comment without it bumping... :) I just wanted to say thank you to whoever gave me the +1 ... :)

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