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Most Powerful White Hats Report To Date #46

News bloggers unite! The gangsters running our world are being called onto the carpet.

We have them on the run...


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I still am not down with the whole Alien thing. Then again, I have to remind myself that a lot of things have turned out to be true that I would have never beleived just a few years ago...but my trip down the rabbit hole has only found documents that indicate an Alien invasion could be used as a (false) way of scaring the global population into accepting world government.

I'm down with the whole global financial crimes narrative.

I'm also sure that underground cities are being built (with taxpayer money) all over the globe. I don't know why but the 2 reasons listed by whitehats make sense. What I just can't understand is HOW COME NO ONE will FORCE the governemt to not only aknowledge their exsistence but demand that we be shown them and tell us why they are being built? Fuck this BS that whatever the reason is would cause panic or some shit. I'd like to know if an asteriod was going to nail our planet now so I can enjoy smoking my cigarettes without feeling like I am shorting my lifespan...or whatever! I'm so frustrated by all the secrets that the government gets to keep but by god we get no fucking privacy!

I just hope the financial system hurries up and implodes. I'd have loads of people FINALLY opening their eyes and re-reading all the countless emails I have sent out over the past 3 years if what I have been saying about the global financail system will just happen already.

wow- i truly feel ya...

"I just hope the financial system hurries up and implodes."

right there with ya- been telling people since 2007 and they have mocked and laughed at me- told them all to get out of the stock market and buy silver- again, they listened not. now they are all wondering why their 401 k's are going backwards and dont understand the whole scenario with the derivitives and now libor. UUUGGGHHHHHHH. i am a high school graduate with a little college and yet i know more about the matrix than my Purdue and Notre Dame graduate friends. WHY is it SO hard for people to believe that these things exist? and why am i the only one who watches c-span on a regular basis so as to educate those who go to "work" and why...

I think i will just stop there- frustration mounts and i don't drink, nor do i have any god-given drug, so i guess i will meditate now and hope to move forward with the loving heart i was born with! compassion is my creed. guess compassion for self is called for today. Peace out~


Yeah, freespeech...it's coming...but TPTB control the timing

Charlie McGrath keeps me pumped up. here is his latest video


BTW - My sister lost her A$$ in the market after I told her to get out. I got several people to cash in their 401k's and buy silver and gold but I expected gold to be up around 2k by now. I still expect it to get to 2500 by mid 2013 and then eventually settle down around where it is right now in about 3 years.

On another note, I saw a brand new Fiat sitting in the parking lot a few minutes ago. I didn't know those cars were still being made but I for one would feel like a fool driving one. lol