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Rand Paul Pledges $9+ Billion to Israel?

"Initially seeking documentation of which way turncoat Rand Paul voted on this treasonous bill, I tried to find the roll call votes. But as Harry Reid pointed out during the session, “THE NEXT ROLL CALL VOTE WILL BE AT NOON ON TUESDAY, JULY 10″.

The Senators passed this bill anonymously, in a so-called “voice vote”!


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Rand Who? has long shown that he is not one of us

he is a neocon and a GOP party hack.

Rand, "let's forget you, better still."

Rand Who?

This is ridiculous

Voice votes are considered unanimous, but that doesn't mean that
everyone present voted "aye." It merely means there's no contest.
Very often bills come up that are so popular, those who oppose them on the floor don't bother asking for a vote because they know there's no chance of their being defeated.

This was one such case and Rand isn't stupid.

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Inaccurate and old news.

Give Rand some respect

Or run for local office yourself, if you are all righteous.

Have faith in Ron's son. Why should we play an unfair game? Why should we allow the other side to use tactics and "weapons" that we do not?

Senator Paul is one of us. He is the future of our movement, so please try to build bridges and cooperation instead of promoting negative ideas over and over about him.

Have faith that what he does ultimately serves the cause of libertarianism. Stop over analyzing every detail.

PA, with all due respect,

Rand is not, was never, will never be, nor ever claimed to be a libertarian. Support of Iranian sanctions, foreign aid, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, and Cornelius Harvey McGillicuddy IV(aka Connie Mack) are defining characteristics of Neo-conservatism. If that floats your boat, great. He is certainly not my vision of a free future.

That said, who's going to Ron's 77th birthday bash in Tampa? Me. Not Rand. Not Jack Hunter. Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, among other libertarian.

What's the source for foreign

What's the source for foreign aid (aside from Israel)?

Also, Rand describes himself as a libertarian in this article.

"Libertarian would be a good description, because libertarians believe in freedom in all aspects of your life – your economic life as well as your social life as well as your personal life."

Just talked to his office.

He was in attendance. Cspan announced unanimous consent. His office first claimed there is no way of knowing since it was a voice vote. So I retorted, "If he was there, and it was unanimous, then he must've supported it". "Okay, yeah.", was the response.

The apple just keeps a rollin'.