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Truth = Freedom

(this is an email I prepared for my contacts - although I am still hopeful for the convention....either way, just trying to open some more eyes - you are welcome to reprint in whole or part)

After almost one year of following an insane campaign for a US presidential opponent by all media outlets viewed by most of the America public, I am convinced that we as a people are the most brainwashed culture in the world. I believe that majority of Americans think that "freedom" means being able to choose between 31 flavors of ice cream. I believe that most persons employed by these same media outlets who call themselves "journalists" are either: afraid to lose their jobs, completely ignorant, consumed by their desire to be in front of a camera or newspaper and/or a combination of all of the above.

I also believe that a fair amount of Americans are waking up. They are at least open to the fact that most of the information spoon fed to them by these same media outlets and "journalists" is not necessarily true. Praise the Lord for the free exchange of ideas on the internet! (note: the free exchange of ideas does not equal truth - truth, you must find on your own dissemination of fact). Most of these same Americans, however, are left stagnant in the greatest media spin of all time: the contest between Republicans & Democrats! This seems to be the hardest of all accepted ideologies to break through. I believe that those of us caught up in this contest are simply lost in the idea that someone else will fix the problem and yielding to the Democrat (or Republican) candidate is the safe solution determined by political leanings ingrained in our own personas over the many years of our own lives.

My latest ploy to influence you (my friends and family, Repubs & Dems alike) is ask you to watch this video regarding "building 7" --- and then ask yourself: "Why does this issue get minimal coverage from all those "journalists?"

....and then after you unsuccessfully answer this question, ask yourself "What was the last year's coronation of Mitt Romney really about?"
....and then after you unsuccessfully answer that question, ask yourself "Who will the media outlets coronate in November and does it really matter?"

...and then, DO IT! vote third party in November...it will be the shot heard round the world...a peaceful demonstration of Americans saying "WE ARE FED UP AND WANT THE TRUTH!" and the truth will set us free...


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If you vote third party

If you vote third party, it won't be a shot heard around the world, because most of those votes will be stolen and given to Romney and Obama. Just as they were stolen from Ron Paul in the primaries and no one around the world heard that shot either.

The only way you will make your voice heard is by voting for no one for President since the vote counters have chosen to cheat. I wouldn't even suggest writing Ron Paul's name in as they will probably try to steal many of those votes as well, it's not like your going to verify they didn't, so why chance having your write in vote going towards Romney or Obama.

Assuming all votes are rigged...

each vote for RP (write in) or third party would have to be changed....if that number is large enough, they have to take notice....there are still plenty of honest people working the polls....or maybe we could all protest at every polling place in the country?