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Batman movie massacre a reflection of violent video games, TSA violence against citizens and psychiatric drugging

(NaturalNews) Medical student James Holmes of Aurora, Colorado reportedly opened fire on moviegoers who had filled a theater late last night to watch the newly-released "Batman" movie -- an orgy of violence and Big Brother propaganda. Dressed in riot gear and wearing a gas mask that resembled the fictional evil character "Bane" depicted in the movie itself, Holmes burst into the theater and began shooting moviegoers, injuring 50 and killing 12.

ABC News reports that James Holmes was a medical student at the University of Colorado, pursuing a PhD. He attended the University of Colorado Denver Medical Campus.

What is truly extraordinary about this horrifying scene is that nobody shot back. Given the large number of lawful citizens in Colorado who carry concealed weapons -- off-duty police and Sheriffs, armed citizens and former military -- it seems likely that at least one person in the theater would have been carrying a concealed weapon which could have been deployed to help stop further bloodshed.


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Video games are the only

Video games are the only things keeping me sane during the mind numbing winters up here in Michigan. Some days you just can't do things, and TV is awful these days.

Video games are extremely varied experiences and some have qualities of novels and movies, some of board games, some are simulations, but all require more ingenuity (the good ones especially) than staring at a sitcom.

It's like the new rock n' roll though--- blamed for our problems.

Yes! Video Games ARE NOT to blame!

To explore this subject I will refer all to my favorite libertarians- Penn and Teller. If anyone believes violent video games are BAD, watch this rational explanation of why they are NOT bad for kids or adults!(And certainly not to blame for actual violence)

FULL EPISODE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaF9nbLo8as&feature=related

Movie Theatre Company

Should be held responsible for security imo.

Seems like they did a very poor job.

They need something like movie marshals to be hired.

p.s. go out in the wilderness and enjoy nature instead of paying to sit in dark and filthy theater. Heaven knows who sat in that seat before you ;)

If you are weak willed you can always rent a movie and view it in your familiar surroundings lol



This shooting is a reflection of how government prevents people from shooting back.

Yep. CHL holders now have to save themselves from lawsuits.

Used to be you were a hero if you killed a murderer in his act.

Today the media networks condemn any person who might with cause unholster his weapon.

As a result CHL holders duck and run if there is an avenue of escape leaving the unarmed to fend for themselves.


The Reason Is Irrelevant.

This discussion of mass media as the reasoning for this tragedy is irrelevant, whether it's true or not. People are always going to do these violent acts for whatever reason, and the question people should really ask themselves is not why this person (or other people who do random acts of violence) did what he did, but what to do when violence occurs. The unfortunate consequences of nobody caring their own gun in the theater was when this animal started firing, people had no choice but to run and to rely on the police to save them, instead of being able to defend themselves. I know many people will never feel comfortable carrying around a loaded weapon, but unfortunately we don't live in perfect world and these acts of violence do happen, so it's best to always be prepared for the worst.

Violent Videogames

Ron Paul republicans do not believe that "violent videogames" should be censored because they influence people only as much as they let you. I have played and play many "violent videogames" and I am just fine. If a young child plays one and it influences them that is the parents's and the video game seller's fault.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

Lack of control over one's own life

pushes people to do extreme things.

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Big Pharma

Since this guy was a med student, why isn't anyone blaming this as another example of Big Pharma killing more and more Americans?

good point


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Samuel Adams

"Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt."

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

I have played just about every shootem up

and violent game out there. I am the nicest person I know around me. This seems to be a setup of some sort. going by the info i have seen, it looks like he was trained or something.

Instant mental health


An old solution!
There already is a solution for this kind of thing on the books. A town in Europe had a solution to this problem. Back a few hundred years ago, this is how they did it, if someone kills someone else they would be put to death. If someone killed a group of people unjustly they would be burned with candles to the verge of death allowed to heal and then burned to the verge of death for each count. They would do this publicly. Problem solved! Absolutely no mass killings. I don't think this is cruel and unusual. Cruel and unusual would be chopping off someone's hands for stealing a loaf of bread. PS this guy will probably get life in a nut house. That's three hots and a cot for life. Candles are cheaper! If we do this just once, we will have an outbreak of sanity in the United States. No more nuts going around killing people
PS if we did this, how would the Nazi police justify their police state?

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

Yes, because we should

Yes, because we should torture a schizophrenic, we should torture sociopathes, and this will stop them from doing bad things? These people have no morals, and they don't understand cause and effect. This would just add unnecessary violence.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

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NO. 180 degrees wrong. The problem

of a culture that glorifies violence to solve every perceived dissatisfaction is certainly NOT increasing the already too common acceptance of official torture. Numbing the populace to empathy is NOT helpful in any way. Some medieval cultures accepted torture because they ALREADY accepted a violent and abusive religious Authority. They agreed that evil had to be suppressed with the most horrendous violence they could devise. They ALREADY totally accepted a biblical notion that burning in hell was appropriate punishment for anyone who was insufficiently obedient to their god and church.

Let us strive to move humanity toward elevated, humane peaceableness rather than go our enemies one better by promoting even worse tortures than they currently employ, to the further moral degradation of our entire society.

It always gets me when they relate video games with violence.

I've played MANY violent games in my day and it has never once sparked an interest in me to replicate those in-game situations in real life.

Games, drugs, etc. are not the motivating factor towards events like these, they are only the catalysts.

Obviously you were never a

Obviously you were never a fan of the Tony Hawk series of games.

In the hay-day, while playing hours upon hours of Tony Hawk, I couldn't go ANYWHERE without checking out all the lines and combos that could be achieved around town. I was always scoping out where I could flip the next trick off of. Heck, even driving around town I would catch myself day-dreaming of my beefed up Tony Hawk character doing grinds around Invesco Field and then tricking off the lights and down to the edge of the highway system.

Oh, how that game influenced my thoughts.....

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No one factor is the whole cause of course.

But it is clear that a society of truly peaceable people would not relish violent entertainments of any kind.

People with unblocked empathy cannot watch such fare without seeing the symbolic victimization and pain of those at whom virtual violence is aimed. Empathy is said to be the quality that stops many soldiers on the battlefield from killing on orders.

Similarly children reared in households that emphasize love and sensitive, kind behavior to all are not as drawn to violence-substitutes as those who grew up in harsh, demeaning, brutal environments.

Excuse me

but it's clear to whom? Have you actually read any studies on this? Dave Grossman's experiment linking violence with video game usage is where this nonsense originated. It's been criticized for how heavily flawed and biased the conclusions were. In 2001, the US Surgeon General declared that school shootings were significantly linked to mental health and home life, not media exposure. Let's judge people that watch football, boxing, and hockey as well.

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Try reading my post more carefully.

I did state right in the headline there is no single cause. And further, I did not point to video games per se, but the culture that generates violent entertainments of all kinds.

Molyneaux has documented endless studies that show that children raised in homes of gentle kindness and natural healthful lifestyles grow healthily, just as plants do in good, organic soil and a permaculture environment.

And I'd agree with you that the taste for violence-based sports can rise to the level of unhealthy sensationalism and vicarious thrills as well as joy in violent virtual entertainments.

No real punishment

No real punishment is the cause of this type of behavior. All these other so-called causes are baloney, drugs ,video games, etc.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

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I agree.

My word

Very thorough article, this. Very anti-violent government.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine


OMFG, im going to say- Xanax, Alcohol, Anti-depressants or good ole bath salts.