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Why Gun Control Would Make Things Worse

After the tragic event in Colorado, the liberal media is already jumping on the chance to promote gun control and rip the NRA. They fail to mention that the weapon was probably obtained illegaly.

Not only did he have guns but teargas and explsoves.

If a ban on guns were but in place, there would be no problem rounding up weapons purchased legaly and registered. Illegaly purchased guns would still be on the street, leaving law-abiding citizens defenseless.

Criminals are detered from breaking in to homes when tenants have the right to use deadly force to defend themselves. Shop owners are able to fight off would-be robbers rather then be repeatedly robbed. The elderly can feel safer knowing they have a way to defend themselves.

Banning guns would not solve murder or mass killings. Even if every gun was successfullyy confiscated, their are still knives, explosives, gasoline and a match, or a persons own two hands.

And most of all, a population unarmed is at the mercy of their well-armed government.

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