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Pledge to call your Rep on July 23 for Audit The Fed

Ron Paul first introduced his Audit The Fed bill on March 4, 1981.

Thirty-one years later, his Audit The Fed bill is on the verge of a stand alone up or down vote in the House.

HR 459, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, is scheduled for a vote on Tuesday, July 24.

It will need a 2/3 majority vote to pass the House.

If all 432 Members of Congress are present (there are 3 vacancies), it will need 288 votes to pass. There are currently only 271 cosponsors.

Please pledge to spend TWO MINUTES on Monday, July 23 to call your Representative and urge him to support HR 459.

Ron Paul has been fighting for an audit of the Federal Reserve for 31 years. The very least we can do is spend two minutes urging our Representatives to support his bill, HR 459.

To find your Representative's DC phone number, enter your zip code here:


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Would be a perfect birthday present.


that we need everyone to make one call on Monday.

We may need up to 288 votes to pass HR 459 and we only have 271 cosponsors right now.

If we want this to pass the Senate, we're going to need a very strong vote on this bill.

Please pledge to call your Representative on Monday.

Anyone else willing

to make a two minute phone call on Monday?

They must SHOW UP and VOTE FOR

This is very important. We need 2/3 vote FOR the bill. Even those who are co-sponsoring must show up and vote for it.


i hope everyone is phoning their reps, these guys are the ones that need to be pushed.

bump for exposure

Monday is the last day we can call our Representatives before the full House votes on HR 459 on Tuesday.

Please pledge to call your Representative's DC office on Monday.

Calls on both Monday and Tuesday morning

Calls on both Monday and Tuesday morning would be best. We need to keep the phones ringing off the hook right up until the vote.

Who will pledge to call

on Monday?

Ron Paul has been waiting

31 years since he first introduced his Audit the Fed bill.

He will finally get to see his bill be voted on its own merit this Tuesday.

Please pledge to make a two minute phone call to your Representative on Monday.

Mods, can you PLEASE post this on the front page? I bet Ron Paul would love nothing more than to see his bill pass with overwhelming support on Tuesday and we can help by getting people to pressure their Reps.

Why do you think the bill

Why do you think the bill needs a 2/3 majority to pass? A simple majority should suffice.

The bill will be

considered under suspension of the rules. See the House schedule released by Eric Cantor I posted below.

That means there will be limited to no debate on the bill and no one will be allowed to offer an amendment to the bill.

It also means it will need a 2/3 majority to pass.

Emailed em to support this

Emailed em to support this bill.

Rep. Cantor just released

the House schedule for next week and HR 459 will indeed receive a standalone vote next week.



This man has been fighting the fed for 31 years. The least I can do is call my congressman.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb