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Ron Paul Cash on Hand as of 6/30 = $2.84 Million

[Via Lew Rockwell]

With the campaign ended, that should be plenty of $$ to get Ron thru Tampa. Of course, he has no debt either.

You can see the entire FEC report for the month of June showing all expenses, etc. here:


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politics is too late, 3rd party or not, until things hit the fan

and ron paul knows that. i think he's going to come join us grassroots at the ground level after he leaves congress.. he let out some hints during one of the recent interviews that it's an internet-based project.. i can't wait to see that. i think he knew all along that fundamentally it's going to come down to the ground level. politics isn't going to catch up in time before chaos takes place.. and i concur. in a sense, he is descending to the front line, rather than going further back, and i can't wait for the next chapter for the paul movement. paul is still going to be carrying the flag, obviously. it's just not him to go live as a hermit after 40 years of going after the establishment. that's probably why he's halting his staff hiring and saving that 2.8 mill for the next project.

The campaign has not ended

Ben Swann made it clear that Ron Paul should have a plurality in over 5 states. This gives him the ability to speak at Tampa and to potentially be nominated.


first question to mind. why

first question to mind. why didn't they spend more?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Bingo! Who here remembers what happened to the 2008 money??

I do. Let's hear it from you...........

Rockwell is sane in admitting the Paul formally ended!!!

listen up those who are going to tampa under false pretenses of tampa having anything to do with paul. you are only going for gop-estab-romney, which are all the same thing. rand is going to the convention to support romney.


JJ, give it up.

JJ, give it up.

Or not

Or not

No debt

I love it. It is strange that some clowns seem to think that candidates who cannot even balance their own campaign budgets will somehow balance the Federal Budget. It has not been done since Martin Van Buren. It would certainly not be done by Romney or any of the other people who were running for president. Only Ron Paul would balance the annual budget, and we would still have a huge budget to pay off. It will take years of getting people elected as Ron Paul, so we all must attempt locally to elect liberty minded, budget cutting individuals to replenish the few liberty lovers in congress, and hopefully expand their ranks.

The campaign has not ended

By the campaigns count, Ron Paul achieved his 5 states when he suspended actively campaigning to THE PUBLIC, and MSM wouldn't give him his credit due. Some say RP has 11 states. This is probabaly true.

If you want the campaign's business to be your business, JOIN THE GOP and become a credentialed, seated, engaged REPUBLICAN.

We have a multilayered mission and it is for those who are with us. Doesn't mean we don't apprecaite those who are for us, it's just those against us don't need to know our business.

Granger, Have You

...checked your PO Box? Your birthday present should be there by today.


I Bet Its a "Plurality of Dates"


Got it yesterday fonta

Thank you!!! THANK YOU and Yves for making such WONDERFUL music!!

I have written you both a card, it will be posted tomorrow. I would have sent you an email, but it seems we are unable to email each other from our connection on DP.

I'm so HAPPY, and GRATEFUL to YOU and Yves! Hope you get my card by Wednesday.

Jesse Benton

Receives $8000 a month and John Tate gets $5000 a month. Benton got 2 payments of around $4000 so maybe they missed last month salary.

My first Ron Paul video, it has had a great response!

READ the FEC report which is linked

You are NOT correct. Go thru it line by line.

Jesse Benton : Over fed hefer probably spent all of it on food

to keep up with the size of his ego...

Look at all the charges for meals.....

In Lake Jackson. It's almost funny.

No Jesse didn't need to

No Jesse didn't need to spend his salary on food, because he charged his restaurant bills to the campaign as well, along with the gas for his car, fancy hotel bills, car rentals, air flights, all on the campaigns dime.

But when it comes to helping delegates get to Tampa, the most the campaign offers is telling delegates to double up at Motel 6's, and be thankful to even get that.

Delegates obviously aren't important to Jesse Benton. Lavishing himself with whatever he wants seems to be the only thing on his mind when it comes to spending this campaign money. Read the long list of charges the campaign racks up for themselves. If any money was spent on the delegates I sure didn't see it. Saw a bazillion charges for campaign staff though.

RED Flags --- Note the all the "Consultants".....

Jesse, Trygve, and others all take money in the name of consulting companies without their names on them - most with no websites.
Note: The FEC has been asking them a LOT of questions.......

Well if that's what you are concerned with maybe you should cozy

Well if that's what you are concerned with maybe you should cozy up to Sach's Moneybags Romney. I'm sure he could get you a nice hotel.