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Romney says he won't cut military

"Mitt Romney has been vague on his plans for defense, but in a new interview with American Legion Magazine the Republican presidential candidate doesn’t mince words: “I will not cut the military budget.”

In an exclusive interview with The American Legion Magazine’s upcoming October issue, Romney says he wants to reverse the course set by President Barack Obama that has seen massive budget buts, a thinning of the ranks and now the looming threat of an additional $500 billion in automatic cuts if the so-called “sequester” is put into effect on Jan. 1.

“I am fully committed to strengthening America through our values, through a growing economy, and through a military that’s second to none,” Romney said. “I will not cut the military budget. I will instead expand our essential weapons programs and our (number of) active-duty personnel. I do these things not so that we have to fight wars, but so that we can prevent wars.”

In the interview, Romney also addresses the claims backlog at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. military’s role in the Middle East, illegal immigration, America’s dependence on foreign energy resources, and how returning veterans can help in economic recovery.

The magazine said it also posed the same questions to Obama, and his interview will also appear in the same issue."


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how the one candidate who actually served (Ron Paul), wants war the least, and wants to bring our troops home rather than send them off to more wars. Romney is a coward who has no place in making any decisions concerning the military.

This is why Romney must be

This is why Romney must be defeated at all cost.

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Can't trust anything Mitt says.

I wouldn't care if he took on Ron Paul's platform. I still would not vote for him because he has a history of changing his position on issues like he changes his socks. Good thing he's not the official nominee :)