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Russia - Seven Years in Jail for Performing an Anti-Putin "Punk Prayer" in Church

"A Moscow judge has ordered three members of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot to spend the next six months in jail, prolonging a case that has highlighted the crackdown on freedom of expression in Vladimir Putin's Russia.

Their supporters say the powerful Orthodox church, which has close links with Putin, is behind the drive to keep the women in jail. Top church officials have come out in favour of their incarceration. They face up to seven years in prison on charges of hooliganism."


America is heading in the same direction. NO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, where it is an act of treason to speak against the government or president. That is what happens in a fascist regime; power and control over the people.

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typical Putin

Perhaps hollywood can go over there and cheer him up :)


In america

you don´t even get a trial if the president say so. Just execution right away. Not to mention free speech zones.. LOL in the home of the free, what a joke.

I think both countries lack civil liberties.

Under that system

Green Day and other punk rock groups that criticize the government would be in jail right now. All about power and control over the masses.