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Short-Timer Ron Paul's Last Shot at Legalizing Pot

Apparently, retiring 12-term Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex.) is trying to go out not with a bang—but in a cloud of smoke.

This week a bipartisan group of House lawmakers proposed a bill that would protect medical marijuana growers facing a spate of federal crackdowns. The Truth in Trials Act, sponsored by Representative Sam Farr (D-Calif.) and co-sponsored by Paul, would give businesses a right to prove in court that their actions were legal under state law—what’s known as an “affirmative defense.”

It’s a fitting denouement for a man whose campaign rallies feature supporters dressed as marijuana leaves. He’s repeatedly introduced a similar bill since 2001. Paul rarely passes up the chance to pronounce his views on why the federal government should stay out of pot growers’ backyards.


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If only BW were as concerned about the cloud of smoke

from a drone strike that vaporized an American teenager.