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Waking up the masses!

Check out my article on policymic!

This is an awesome survey. Even better. Read the comments from some folks that thought they hated the good doctor!


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Very cool...

I'm proud to say I side 98% with Ron Paul!

I just took the 2012 election quiz and found that I side 98% with Ron Paul, especially on Domestic policy, Healthcare, Economic, Foreign Policy, Immigration, Science, and Social issues.

Ron Paul 98%
Gary Johnson 96%
Virgil Goode 58%
Mitt Romney 46%
Stewart Alexander 39%
Jimmie McMillan 25%
Jill Stein 11%
Barack Obama 2%

The lesser of two evils is still an evil.

cool survey

My results

Gary Johnson on foreign policy, domestic policy, economic, and healthcare issues. 93%

Ron Paul on foreign policy, domestic policy, economic, healthcare, and immigration issues. 92%

Virgil Goode no major issues. 61%

Mitt Romney on economic, environmental, and immigration issues. 53%

Stewart Alexander on foreign policy issues. 46%

Jimmy McMillan on economic issues. 28%

Jill Stein no major issues. 17%

Barack Obama no major issues. 13%

Oklahoma Voters on economic issues. 28%

American Voters on economic issues. 30%

99% Ron Paul and Libertarian

Ron Paul 99%
Gary Johnson 97%
Virgil Goode 58%
Mitt Romney 51% (HA!)
Jimmy McMillan 36%
Jill Stein 17%
Stewart Alexander 15%
Barack Obama 13%(LMAO!)

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.


Paul 98%
Johnson 94%

Not surprised at the results but it was fun to take

I got 99% for both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. I got 57% and 8% for Mitt Romney and Obama, respectively

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Oh Shock...

I'm not surprised that I side 98% with Ron Paul

I just took the 2012 election quiz and found that I side 98% with Ron Paul, especially on Foreign Policy, Domestic policy, Immigration, Healthcare, Economic, Science, and Social issues. Who do you side with?

Ron Paul 98%
Gary Johnson 91%
Virgil Goode 64%
Mitt Romney 60%
Barack Obama 2%

And the best part?

California Voters 0%
American Voters 0%

I really need to get out of this state...

Here are my results:

Ron Paul 100%
Gary Johnson 97%
Virgil Good 74%
Mitt Romney 64% (bull$h!t)
Jimmy McMillan 55%
Stewart Alexander 11%
Jill Stein 6%
Barack Obama 3%

New York voters 11%
American voters 25%

Gary Johnson came up for me???

I've never considered GJ. I wonder what it was that put GJ 2% ahead if RP in my test?? It could be abortion...I don't really care about that issue to be honest. I think it all depends on the womans choice and the particular situation...but like I said...I'm not strong one way or the other except for the Federal Government should be the last one who makes that decision.


I realize this is Paul territory, and I want nothing more than to see Ron win teh White House. But Gary Johnson is a VERY viable alternative. He has a 10% base that could benefit greatly from Ron Paul's liberty-minded constituency.

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Good stealth activism