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Retire Pelosi Money Bomb

If you're like me and you hate idiocy and complete arrogance, you'll support John Dennis in his campaign against Nancy Pelosi. I'm from Wisconsin and I threw him some support. He IS supported by Ron Paul, for God's sake!


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I live in SF and would love

I live in SF and would love nothing more than to see Pelosi thrown out, but unfortunately there are way too many Obama-bots in SF. I really like John Dennis, but unfortunately not a chance in hell he can even get half the votes Pelosi will since he has an R next to his name. Out here he really needs to campaign on the issues of civil liberties and anti-war if he wants to get any votes.

He's Doing the Work

He has lots of Democrat and liberal support. He's doing the work, knocking on doors. Plus, he ran last time, and this helps build support. I know he's serious (look at his website), so you ought to knock on doors for him.

Pelosi is a snob. Even liberals don't like that. Besides, the tide is turning against incumbents.

He IS campaigning on the issues of civil liberties and anti-war.

He ran a great local campaign for Ron Paul, too.

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Hey, before you vote me down

Hey, before you vote me down next time, realize that I do realize he is serious. The message of liberty is serious. But unfortunately the majority of voters in San Francisco are not serious, and will vote for anyone with a D next to their name on the ballot under any circumstances!

By the way, I'm more than happy to help John out. I think I even signed up on his website in the past to volunteer. I just never heard anything back.

Just donated

I can't stand Pelosi