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What happened today in Colorado was a tragedy.

What happened today in Colorado was a tragedy. My condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims. With that said I would like to take a minute to mention the significance of this event.

There are certainly very evil people in this world that would do harm to others. They would break any law and disregard the innocence of their victims. They know the consequences of their actions. Even then they would disregard the victims cries for mercy, for help. Laws will not stop them and reason will not stop them. They have made their choice and the result is loss of life.
An event like this strikes fear into the hearts of many. It could happen to me, it could happen to you, your family or your friends. The many who are now afraid call for action. An eye for an eye or a new law to save the day. To someone who is evil enough to kill another human being out of spite or pure pleasure the death penalty means nothing. Bans on weapons mean nothing. Your love for the person being victimized, means nothing. For some this point is obvious and others may disagree.

As bad as that sounds there is something far worse at work behind the scenes. There are others who would pray on your fear and your call to action. They want you to be afraid. They want you to ask them to make change in the name of security. They would love for you to beg them to take your best means of defense away from you. Instead of ignoring the laws to hurt you they create them to suppress you. In the end you will not be safe, you will not be free.

A killer is a killer. It doesn’t matter if it is a gun, a rope, a knife, a belt or bare hands, a killer will kill. The only real safety we have as people is the ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones.
So I ask you while you reflect on this event, while you weep for those who have lost, that you think about the CHOICE that a killer makes. I ask that you don’t cry for help from the predators who would use your fear against you. Do not be afraid and hide behind a law that will not protect you. Instead I ask that you stand up for yourself and protect yourself. Ask for a law that allows you to defend yourself instead of a law that will “protect” you.

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