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RNC Confirms Nomination

This is all over the internet today:


I know similar articles have been posted. What I do not understand is why it is not a main topic. Isn't this what we were waiting for. Is there any reason to think he would turn down the nomination?

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IDC what who says..someone

IDC what who says..someone will nominate him and there will be a second. What happens from there is in the ether.

Can we not at least agree that Ron Paul knows if he can

be nominated or not right now? If he KNOWS that he can be nominated then his R3VOLUTION should be provided proper direction. We also should be made aware if he is going to be allowed to speak his mind for 15 minutes at the RNC ASAP. This is IMPORTANT stuff. It can mean the difference in having 25k show up in tampa to 1/2 a million. I want to know! But, I shall wait until Dr Paul chooses to tell me....but I ain't gonna like waiting much longer :)

Rons' been waiting 30 years

Rons' been waiting 30 years for this moment, give the guy a break :D but no seriously, I think we can expect the 15 mins at this point, but remember theres no guarantees in life.

He knows he can

He said the other night that he knows he has at least 5 states. I don't think he is gonna come out publicly and ask his delegates to move to nominate him. It may already be happening back-channel, but most of us are not going to know until it's known whether or not the RNC/Team Mitt will cooperate.

The worst thing he can do is to say he will have his name in nomination, then when the time comes, his name is somehow not in nomination.

Love it when I get a real good explaination!

I'm down with all you said there gopper. Thanks!

Article is up since 7/17 and

nothing was confirmed, it is based off of Ben Swann's analysis of the GOP rules. Downvoted.

angelrivers is right. I

angelrivers is right. I trust Ben Swann was telling the truth and the conversation he had with the RNC rules committee happened. However, until the RNC makes it public...

In general very good news


The GOP is not a private club. It is a political party that has laws established with the counties and states it occupies and can be held accountable for those rules registered with the state.

Bust them on fraud in your county and state if they are breaking their own rules.


And I would add..federal laws that cover the rules that must be followed when electing a nominee for President.

it was, earlier this week

I Think The OP Means...

I think he's/she's saying major mews around the mainstream media, not just here on the Daily Paul. Of course, why would it be? The media has largely ignored Ron Paul, so why would they report this?

That Was My Point



They probably won't

at least, until it actually happens. The whole 'last stand in Nebraska' was based on 3rd-hand information; going back on that would make it even more obvious that they don't understand the process, and don't properly research their stories.