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Colorado Murder Suspect Was Brilliant Science Student

Colorado Murder Suspect Was Brilliant Science Student

51 minutes ago

DENVER — James Eagen Holmes came from a well-tended San Diego enclave of two-story homes with red-tiled roofs, where neighbors recall him as a clean-cut, studious young man of sparing words.

Tall and dark-haired, he stared clear-eyed at the camera in a 2004 high school yearbook snapshot, wearing a white junior varsity soccer uniform — No. 16. The son of a nurse, Arlene, and a software company manager, Robert, James Holmes was a brilliant science scholar in college.

The biggest mystery surrounding the 24-year-old doctoral student was why he would have pulled on a gas mask and shot dozens of people early Friday in a suburban Denver movie theater, as police allege.

In the age of widespread social media, no trace of Holmes could be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter or anywhere on the Web. Either he never engaged or he scrubbed his trail.

A longtime neighbor in San Diego, where Holmes grew up, remembers only a "shy guy ... a loner" from a churchgoing family. In addition to playing soccer at Westview High School, he ran cross country.


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Maybe mind control by the

Maybe mind control by the CIA..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Just doesn't sound right

It like all the other shootings when clinton was in office, what happened next?
well, ill tell ya whats coming next. Does everyone remember the Clinton assault rifle ban?

in today's society

the trappings of accomplishment are just veneer.

this guy

a) had a physical defect in the brain or

b) wasn't raised with enough innate capability for empathy, or

c) some combination of the above

...and on top of that, he could have been cultivated by someone from the alphabet soup gang, and it went wrong. or worse. it went right. i hear that college campuses are quite popular for that sort of thing.


Comes to mind. I have family with the condition and it usually manifests itself in an individuals mid 20's. What I don't get is how he went from zero to shooting up a room full of people in full combat gear after booby trapping his apartment? Unless to guy was a total loner in Colorado and never talked to his family, there would have been clear signs of a psychotic break. Then he surrenders and is in the frame of mind to asks for a lawyer as soon as the cops take him in. I don't get it.

Hypnosis...Manchurian Candidate...Hummm

Think real good about that one..

I feel ya

Not to mention the $$$ you would need to buy all that gear. I think he left a hint though. He told the police about the explosives at his place. Assuming the local authorities get to his computer first (and for god sakes I hope they do) maybe there will be some concrete evidence that can come forward supporting the Manchurian Candidate scenario. Lets just hope the local authorities get their hands on his computer before the FBI does.

How many loners join soccer teams?

Just sayin'--- I don't like the profile they're paintin'.

SteveMT's picture

With such a fine upbringing and great mind,......

psychotropic medications and/or recent traumatic brain injuries become the focus of attention, IMO.

Bath salts?

SteveMT's picture

Yup, that too.....the zombie apocalypse drug.

He would have stayed for a meal though, as sick as that sounds.
K2 or Spice are also possibilities. None are easily traceable.

My sincere sympathies go to the families of the victims. They have so much to deal with.