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The Massachusetts Delegates Need Your Help, and Time is of the Essence.

Ron Paul Nation,

The Massachusetts delegates need your help, and Time is of the essence. I assume your all familiar with our situation, and we are very close to having our story go national. We need all you to go to facebook and other sites of national media and post one of the snippets bellow on their wall or emailor place anywhere you think NATIONAL media will see it. I know the following sites check their walls:

Mitt Romney disqualifies a first-generation Columbian single mother, who is a nurse as a delegate:
More info:
Please sign our petition:

GOP commits voter fraud:

“why did the party print, distribute and collet provisional ballots only to later tell voters that they are invalid” - Ben Swann, FOX News (~ 1:50 sec into the video)
More info:
Please sign our petition:

single mother disqualified as a GOP delegate starts a change.org petition, to try to set things right:
More info:

Mitt Romney disqualifies 18 year old boy as a delegate:
“I have seen the future of the Republican Party in Massachusetts — and he’s an 18-year-old kid who just got screwed by Mitt Romney.” - Michael Graham, conservative talk radio host, conservative political commentator.
More info:
Please sign our petition:

thanks for all your help,
B. Navom
P.S. yes, we know about the lawyer$ Ron Paul, please stop bugging us about it!

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Please tell me we at least

Please tell me we at least have one MA delegate in the lawsuit? All we really need is one to provide an umbrella effect for the others.

There are at least two MA delegates

...in the federal lawsuit.

Not at least

Only two people who were elected as delegates have joined. No others. Gilbert has said on his conference calls that two won't be enough so there might as well be none.

Gilbert is wrong and/or he is

Gilbert is wrong and/or he is just trying to get more people involved.

If the suit has merit, it will have merit whether one delegate is having his or her rights violated under federal law, or whether it is 16.

"If the suit has merit

"If the suit has merit it will have merit whether one delegate is having his or her rights violated under federal law, or whether it is 16."

Yes....I agree. Although it certainly would appear stronger if all or a majority of the MA delegates had signed on.

So, if I understand you correctly,...

...the LEAD attorney is clueless about a basic strategic element of his case or he's lying. That's the gist of what I'm hearing from you (and I'm not saying you're wrong).

It is unfortunate that the

It is unfortunate that the Mass Delegates have sold out Dr Paul.
This is because the Romeny Crime Boss Syndicate has paid them off and they have sucumbed to greed.
For now this slogan will remind all delegates of their treason at every convention in Massachusetts - "Remember Massachusetts"
Calling all True Ron Paul Supporters - Join #FreedomTeam and send out tweets to all 7,000,000,000 followers of mine. The Ron Paul Delegates Federal Lawsuit is the LAST chance for Dr Paul to WIN the nomination.
Watch on August 6th as my Opposition to the RNC's Motion To Dismiss the case pounds Willard Romney's Crime Syndicate into smithereens. Then I will go on to unbind all delegates/Plaintiffs who will be free to vote their conscience. Once Dr Paul takes the stage and shows every Romney Delegate my upcoming Youtube video (production begins tomorrow) - they will know that Crime Boss Roney supports Concentration Camps on US soil to imprison US Citizens without any criminal charges. They will take a vote and Dr Paul will win 4399 to 1.

"No Party Unity - No Unanynous Nomination For Any Fraudulent Criminal Nominee - No Presidency Ever For Crime Boss Romney" --Richard Gilbert


"paid them off"

How were they paid off?

By the way, I'm glad you're following my suggestion to make YouTube videos. I will be extremely disappointed if you are not on camera. Trust me, your videos will get a lot more attention if you go on camera.

Will you be speaking at the RNC?

Just wondering, can you force the RNC to give you a speaking slot, from which you can address your 7 billion supporters about the internmnet camps?

Then you can introduce Dr. Paul as the next President.


Graham said it was corrupt and stupid to do what the Mass GOP is doing.


Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Graham is a foreign policy interventionist....

...is that who is directing Ron Paul supporters now?

use it

It was a decent article exposing GOP corruption. Why not take what we can?

Mass. Confusion?

If I'd watched your Liberty Caucus video first I would NOT have bothered posting Ben Swann's reality check all over Facebook. Haven't you caught on yet that voting your conscience is NOT breaking the rules at the National Convention? Actually, it never was in the past, but might be this year. But even if they change it to 'bind' your vote, why would you be willing to break Federal election law in order to pacify the party? The will of the voters? Do you have a clue how many actually voted in Massachusetts? Do you know whether the election was clean or tainted like in so many other states? I have to tell you, you look and sound like a bunch of zombies (we ALL bundle) trying to take down the cause.
Let's begin at the beginning. Revolution doesn't play by the rules...especially not the ENEMY'S rules. Secondly, the RNC holds you in contempt as they do all state GOPs. The only reason they even do the dog and pony show of primary and conventions is to use you to keep growing a republican base and pouring money into their coffers so they can maintain their seats at the table of power and corruption. You are (as you of all people should have noticed) less than NOTHING to the national 'club'. I'm sick. I hope you don't regain your seats just to give us the choice of casting our votes for a Fascist instead of a Communist.




I just posted this:

Thanks for you're fair reporting in the past...let's all remember Massachusetts and their populace, they're still not happy that Mitt Romney illegally stole their delegates and is pretending that he has this thing all wrapped up. You might think President Obama might want to seize on this and use it in his counter attack but, no...it almost seems as if Obama and Romney are united in their efforts to quell the truth.

Participate in America's future- Research Ron Paul- Truth will Prevail! You too, will be proud one day, to be able to say: "I was a Ron Paul supporter."

good luck!!

we're rooting for you!

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

What a bunch of nonsense

Massachusetts delegates were offered and asked to join the lawsuit, a solid legal action to protect their and every voter's rights.

And instead you are asking people to waste time tweeting in a desperate attempt to appeal to mass media in search for justice. The same media which makes every effort to suppress facts about Ron Paul Revolution.

DP is overtaken by the shills. They will tell you all about the dangers of the lawsuit, about clever strategies of Jessie Benton, about how effective whining online can be, etc, etc. They instantly will vote down any support of the legal action and they will lead RP movement right to an embarrassing defeat.

Remember what the Dr. Paul said, if you have the grounds for lawsuit, go for it. Oh but no, you are going to tweet your way to freedom. Good luck with all that...

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Tweetdom and Twitterty for All !!

I don't know how effective mass tweets are, yet, I couldn't resist.



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Don't know why the "Campaign" (Jessie etal) "advised" the delegates to NOT join the lawsuit. Wow. Mass Delegates: Please join the lawsuit! You have one of the most powerful scenarios of Fraud committed by the GOP (and Romney?), why would you not do that?

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I agree the delegates not joining the lawsuit are being blinded

From the truth; the lord has called u to action ; Paul is his disciple, he is calling you to action against tyranny. Who are you, that you may decide your fate, to turn from the calls of justice? You have nothing to lose! To not attempt to gain momentum is a fallacy , and one which you will regret. I say again - stick up for yourselves. This lawsuit could win or lose based off of the fraud in this state. IT WAs the ROMNEY camp that did-enfranchised you by signing the affidavits and deciding on provisional ballots, TAKE IT TO THE HIGHER CALLING, in court, with 300+ other delegates! Please, for the sake of your country !!!! FREE US FRoM TYRANNY

Oath of Freedom
for the True north, strong & free!

I don't use FB for anything

I don't use FB for anything so this isn't an option.

and the other place you sent us to - we have to sign all our information. you have to get the people in Mass behind this
because it is there - people know what Romney is doing and
it will come back to bite him in Nov.


On all of them!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

The GOP, as a political party

The GOP, as a political party has no future on their current course.

The statistics are clear. Young people do not share the bigoted views of the GOP on issues like gay marriage, immigration, war, and other such nonsense. They had an opportunity to embrace a winning ideology that truly has mass cross-party appeal...

...and this MA situation makes their willingness to evolve into a party that actually supports the limited-government plank that is omnipresent in GOP speeches, but strangely lacking in their action.

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Try a "real" Press Release.

..is my suggestion.

The online effort is great, but an actual press release might achieve better results.

Utilize the existing infrastructure that these news sources rely upon.

Information on drafting one is easily found online, as well as companies that will perform the submission, which would probably be way more effective than trying to do all of it yourself.



This is what I like to see, people doing something to reach people! Spread the word we need those delegates and it was unlawful how this came about! You can't force someone to vote for someone they oppose! That is absurd and unlawful as well as a communist thing to do!


You've already have help, join the lawsuit! Or state why you have not joined it!

In Christ's Love

Yes, join the federal lawsuit...

...to allow all the delegates to vote their conscience.

Sure, why not give the RNC

Reason to bounce you as delegates. If the Ma delegates joined the lawsuit they'd essentially be giving the MaGOP all the reason to uphold their decision of replacing them. Keep up the good work Mass delegates!!

It would be illegal for the RNC .

..MA GOP to retaliate against those who joined the federal lawsuit.