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The Patriot Act

The alleged killer of the Batman shooting apparently bought 6,000 rounds of ammunition. Where was the Patriot Act to keep us safe from harm? Assuming the Patriot Act is a good thing, wouldn't this be something that would be flagged? Also, the numerous amount of tactital gear and guns that this man possessed.

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That's exactly why so many

That's exactly why so many people believe its a false flag. There are so many questions to be raised.

I thought it was just a

I thought it was just a tragedy at first, but thinking back on what extreme's our government has gone to before, having a man kill a dozen+ people in cold blood is nothing to those bastards. This is a government that has had thousands killed over the years to spark wars that kill millions. However sickening it is to think of it, there are men who will seek to profit from this.

It's just like with JFK and the Federal Reserve assassination scenario. To disbelieve it as one of the possibilities is reasonable, but to deny that the Federal Reserve WOULD go that far is childish. These are men who steal trillions of dollars a year, and have many people killed on their behalf via warmongering, to think they would let things like "Law" or a human life get in their way is denying the dark nature of men in power.

I have the humility to admit that I may be wrong about all of this, but I'm not dumb enough to deny that those in power, whether it be many of our Presidents and Congressmen, or the Banks and war profiteers, will do ANYTHING to keep it. Murder is not out of the question.