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Thank you, Michael,

for this forum. I have been here nearly 5 years. In that time I have seen a lot of really good people that were fighting so hard for Dr. Paul.
I agree the campaign is over and that Ron has pretty much stepped down.
I am so saddened to see the amount of hate, anger and intolerance by so many on this sight. The lovelution is over. What I see now are people that demand that no one voice an opinion that doesn't coincide with their own.
I always laughed at the folks that said "this is my last post" or "I am leaving" But now I find myself doing the same thing.
I do want to tell great people like quiltingsando and cricket that you are the salt of the earth. Unfortunately good people like you are way outnumbered by the haters.
Because of the haters here that attack and name call.... I wouldn't vote Ron Paul now if by some miracle he actually was the nominee. I don't see liberty or freedom being important to the majority of the people here. I will support and vote for Gary Johnson.
By the way... Vote me down, yell, call me names.... It won't matter because I won't be reading it.
The hateful nasty Ron Paul supporters are the reason others say they can't support Ron Paul because of his supporters.
Good bye to the good people here and to hell with the haters!

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Just think of this as a

Just think of this as a massive cavalry battle. And for me, i got excited in '07 for Ron Paul. and then got homeless. and then got indifferent to everything. So, go ahead, and take a deep breathe. Take a year or two to prepare, give some words of advice to passers by. know your neighbors, trade and develop a network with them where you can be reliant and not so dependent on the state.

Just take a deep breathe. do nothing but just a little bit for the cause. and the year after that retake what is your right and be a champion for the cause again.


in those massive battles you

in those massive battles you have to rest for a few hours after fighting. not everyone can be up in arms all the time. But maybe it's different. maybe you should be in someone's face. maybe you do it differently and should do what i do. go up to strangers. go up to them and hand out pertinent information, like infowars bumper stickers or something. talk to people. really explain to strangers what is happening. For me i can not speak to twenty people because my voice goes out and i am hoarse. but i try to speak to them, and listen to them, and talk a lot,.... and yes, tell them not to take my word for it, but to research this themselvs.


Ron Paul is just the

Ron Paul is just the beginning. we have to continue and win. maybe there is time to change course through the election process. maybe it's too late for that in some places. if your water is fluoridated then that is "soft underbelly of the axis of evil" and you can get rid of local fluoridation. otherwise with all of these tyrannical things your best bet is to just prepare and tell as many people as possible what is happening. " WIN THE INFOWAR " before the New World Order decides to push the final button and institute martial law on all of us.


The more each person can see

The more each person can see what the federal reserve really does and what it's doing to us is more important than getting people to vote for Ron Paul because of a generalized understanding that less government is better than more government. Get people in the "conspiracy theory" class. that is better than appreciating broad strokes of libertarianism. i mean, it's better than an indifferent cursory glance at the general platforms of each candidate. You know?


Don't let it get to you

Remember that you can only control your own actions and words.The movement for truth,freedom and peace is just getting started.It CANNOT be stopped.But pride is still a very destructive force that I think we all need to be aware of and try to keep in check, otherwise constant bickering and division will continue on this site and throughout the world.As long as you try to handle disagreements in a civil and respectful manner,at least you yourself are making the effort and hopefully others will respond positively to your example.Some will respond positively and some will not, but please remember that you are not alone so no need to feel alienated.I realize it is sometimes easier said than done,because I sometimes fail to take my own advice!lol!Just my opinion.Take care.

This post...

...is ridiculous. Please someone just delete it. I feel ashamed for commenting and providing a bump.

Another 'woe is me' post

Agreed. The post makes no sense. Ron Paul is a great guy but some people on the Daily Paul hurt my feelings so I'm voting for Gary Johnson.