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I got that odd virus warning message again

Now I know people have been talking about how daily paul has been flagged for being unsafe. I have gotten this warning in the past. Basically it says there are viruses/spyware/malware so on and so on on my computer and I should run a scan. usually it says MicroSoft Security essentials.

I will run a scan with security essentials before I go to bed and follow that up with a scan by malware bytes.

But I have gotten this message before on here. I believe dailypaul may be under attack. Possibly by some kind of forces, either government or the elite backers of the puppets in our government. Possibly maybe even the establishment neocons. This is odd that this is happening on this site now, since Ron Paul has become so popular. I mean other countries have taken the internet into account as a political tool used to spread anti government and establishment messages. Also it allows widespread communication. One those governments is China, which puts alot of effort into squashing internet dissent.

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can you clarify:

is this a malware message through your browser, or a virus scanning program on your machine? It sounds like the latter.

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The browser. I ran security essentials and it came back clean, except for a few java related exploits. But none of the viruses I seen in the warning are on my laptop.

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