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Kim Dotcom Has a Message for the President

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom publishes a video aimed directly at the President:


Or use the link below if the video doesn't work:
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I LOL at all the sheeple commenting

on the video saying that they will vote for Romney because he doesn't want to regulate the internet. *facepalm* HELLLLLOOOO people! They're the exact same! They're gonna fuck us up no matter who's president! It's sad, really...

No use of Obomb'em's image?

I mean, comon! No mention of NDAA??? Comon? Just a quick slide of Biden? Comon!!

The angry lesbian is right.

The angry lesbian is right. The government is treating IP like a protected cartel giving monopolies to the first person to reach the patent office

Interview with Kim Dot Com... Great

Here is a great interview with KimDOTcom (Jun 2012)

I had only heard one side... the MSM ...FBI PR side of the

A must watch for Liberty Lovers!

There are Many Bobs...I'm the Maine Bob!

Not all among anonymous

understand that individual freedom (say freedom of speech) is the result of private property. If air-waves are controlled by FCC licenses and printing press is owned by a collective, expect no freedom.

Unfortunately, many mistake "public" property as a medium for freedom. The result is hooligans vs police, intimidation from both sides.

I'll LOL if this gets a YouTube takedown notice...

"Sorry, this video contains copyrighted material and has been removed. Your account has been suspended until further notice."

Fricken tyrants...



Dance bomb!

Dance bomb!

That music hurts my head.


reedr3v's picture

Catchy tune


I tried sharing the video via Facebook

And normally an image with a tiny description of the video. But when I tried sharing this video, that image never appears. Instead, only a very long url appears.


I tried doing it again

and it now worked, weird...