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Will those who gave Netanyahu 29 standing ovations really vote to audit the fed?

If so, why?

Edit to include the link. I'm kinda curious if there are any RP supportets who were not aware of this most troubling display of treason.


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Most Likely..

The house will and then it will die in the Senate ... Theres been a ton of public support, but i'm sure AIPAC will be pulling their strings to make sure it doesn't happen.

AIPAC sends US Congress on vacation,

have fun on the beaches of Tel-Aviv, = be charmed etc, see

some may recall an old saying "when congress is in session - whores hit washington". The forefathers of AIPAC were panderers.

29 standing ovations to Netanyahu'$ Interest. -

+1, you forgot to paste the link to the related video, here it is -
The Death of American Democracy -

the members look like shameless robots. Both parties are captured by special "Interest" of zion, so they canNot audit the Fed, it will expose how much zion's agents have stolen. these demons & agentaurs want to keep the nations under slavery of debt, & usury.

yup, that would be the link

I just figured everyone had seen it, but good call to include it.