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Christian Bale asked to visit victims of Dark Knight shooting as Batman

People around the country were horrified Friday morning as they awoke and heard news of the largest mass shooting in United States history. Twelve people have died and another 59 people were injured as they tried to watch the midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises, the most recent installment in the Batman series. The Dark Knight features Christian Bale as Batman, a hero many fans have read about in comic books for decades.

At the Thursday night showing, James Holmes, a 24-year-old from the University of Colorado, allegedly dyed his hair red and called himself the Joker as he set off tear gas bombs about 15 minutes into the movie. Holmes then started shooting using the four guns he had brought with him.

In the past, numerous celebrities have paid attention to requests online. In 2011, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake attended military balls after they were asked online. The requests went viral and the stars agreed to make the fans smile. This request is a little more serious.

Many of those wounded in the Aurora theater shooting were children and teenagers. As of Friday, thirty of the wounded were still hospitalized, 11 of those were in critical condition. A visit from Batman would brighten their day. A call has gone out online asking Christian Bale to visit those injured in the shooting.

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I feel like this is a positive thing, any one else?

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Having him show up as batman?

That's kinda gross. Having him show up as Christian Bale? That's genuine, and respectful.

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