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*In it to win it Delegate Money Bomb: $1700 in matching funds to get our delegates to Tampa*

We have run hard in this game, and now we are at the final gate. We have used small amounts of money to drive this revolution, compared to hundreds of millions by the opposition and for all we have been up against we have done very, very well.

Now, it is necessary to secure the victory by getting ALL our delegates to Tampa.

A number of delegates and alternates have contacted LibertyUSA PAC, desperate for funding. They are willing to stand up and be counted, but we have to get them to the Convention and help them win this fight.

LibertyUSA PAC now has received $1700 from three donors, all in the health and nutrition field, specifically for funding the delegates. These same donors have continuously done everything they can throughout this revolution to fight the good fight and are now asking for your help. It is well known that the grass-roots can and will win this election if we combine all of our strength and will and prayers.

They have put their money where their mouths are to create momentum for our delegates.

These delegates desperate for help continue to contact the Liberty USA PAC. All donations (less charge-backs) go directly to fund the delegates’ travel and other expenses to Tampa. Direct link:


Let’s show our delegates some love and power by reaching the donors’ goal of $5000. Any other delegates, please line up: first come, first serve basis.

Let’s show our power in supporting freedom and liberty. Use this thread to encourage others to donate. Keep it alive. As the money is collected, it will be distributed by PAC check directly to the delegates and alternates most in need.

The delegates are excited about this. Let's show them that we mean business and make their trip to Tampa as easy as possible. They are a brave bunch willing to help us make history. So, do your part and donate as much as you can. Encourage others to donate as well. These courageous souls are preparing for the final battle for freedom.

It won't be easy. First, the delegates must get to Tampa, have a place to stay (even the really low end places are priced sky-high), meals, and local transportation to and from the Convention. This isn't just a bunch of people getting together to have a big party. This is for our LAST CHANCE to save our American Constitution, to preserve our rights as American citizens, and for freedom to live our lives as WE choose. Donate now and help save our country and her citizens.


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Thank you for the opportunity to help, Dr. K.

I got my PayPal account straightened out just so I could donate 50 here: Your transaction ID for this payment is: 4UW22079BW7975145.

we need to get a formal money

$100 you can match!

also is there a formal money bomb yet to the offical campaign coffers?

This great! Help the delegates get to Tampa!

We worked so hard to get these delegates. Let's make sure they don't have to worry about getting to Tampa.

Dr. K and LibertyUSApac continue to do everything they can to make sure we win in Tampa. Time is running out to help.

If you are a delegate worried about expenses, please contact Dr. K so he can see what he can do for you.

In Liberty,


Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"

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for $50.

Great idea!



"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

It's time to step up and help those

delegates get to Tampa! It's not enough to have delegates that want to vote for Dr. Paul -- they have to be able to get to Tampa as well.

Magna est veritas, et prevalebit. Truth is most powerful, and will ultimately prevail.



Just in: great opportunity for lodging for our delegates

Just got this email:

"My name is ________ and I am from Athens, GA. I have space available in two condos close to Tampa. I am asking $50 for the week per person. The condos are available Saturday the 25th through the week of the convention. I am willing to shuttle delegates to their hotels to catch their buses to the convention. Contact me if this would help...places are in Madeira and Crystal beach..."

Note: the PAC will pay her the $50 per person. Delegates who want to do this, PM me or send an email through the PAC and this will be arranged.

Bumping this portion of the thread.

The rest if the thread is important too.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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good folks ---> Tampa

Keep it up and build to Tampa.

$50.00 USD to Liberty USA Pac


Now, everyone pass this on, contribute what you can, and get others to help. It's been amazing what these smaller donations have added up to, in the past, and I know we can amass plenty to get each and every delegate (and ALTERNATE, just as important in this race) to TAMPA.

If we don't get it done, others' delegates WILL be seated. Believe me, there will be spaces open after the first role-call is counted! There are always no-shows. Let's not allow for ANY Paul no-shows, okay?

And, I just gave 25.00.
When I get some more cash in the bank, I'll do it, again.
(Kind of wanted to give 20.12, a few times, but it didn't want to take it.)

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

I will be there. I have the privilege of providing

transportation for an alternate delegate. our lodging is paid for and we have also purchased 1 RV spot at the fairgrounds. RV's can be rented locally pretty cheap....
so, that is what we are going to do. I will be available if anyone needs a ride or assistance of almost any type.
so far, it is just Brandon and his girlfriend who will need to stay in the RV. we will have extra room.
we could make it the unofficial DP meeting site.......

God bless you, and thank you for all you do.

I can take up to three delegates/alternates with me, leaving from Chicago. So, anyone from WI, IN, MI, or doing down south we can swing and get. Send a PM.

Hope to be able to do more in the future..

Just donated $17.76. Hope we can all get these guys funded to go to Tampa. Anyone down to match it?
Description Unit price Qty Amount
Donation for Delegates
$17.76 USD 1 $17.76 USD

Total: $17.76 USD


Thank you ssssssssoooooooooo much for getting us started

God bless you, a cool no. too.

Good Luck

Good luck in raising the money, and here is a bump for the thread.

Thanks, Honor's God

Am in a Go-To meeting, right now, with the delegates about spreading the word. They are working hard to generate the funds. Let's help them in any way we can.

Anonymous donors are still doing all they can. This is a fight to the finish. Every penny will earn some stars for the donors for the higher good. This time, the money goes directly to our grassroots activists, the delegates themselves.

Nice, Dr K!

And thanks for posting this!

Any of us not selected or not able to get to the conventions or caucuses, this year, should have enough to give a little something. The delegates (as well as the alternates) are in this for us, so we need to show them a lot of support.
Will add more as my bank account allows for same!
(that will be in the next few days)

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).