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Medical interventionism

The body heals itself. This is a different perspective than mainstream medicine interventionism.

When we get sick we want to get healthy. The doctor and patient ought to work to train the body to heal itself.

For example, you have otitis media (middle ear infection). Treating with antibiotics trains the body to rely on antibiotics when it gets an infection. Preferably, the doctor and patient should improve the function of the immune system by addressing causes of immune-suppression and identifying sources of immune-stimulation and allowing the infection to run its natural course.

In this way, the body has “learned” how to deal with this type of infection and will be better suited to prevent another infection on its own. Also, the doctor can train the patient what types of behaviors to avoid to lessen exposure to harm.

In the first approach the patient is taught dependency on the doctor and medication. In the second approach the patient learns to trust his own body. Since God created the human body well, this is the more appropriate approach.

Only when the body has been broken beyond its own repair should the doctor and patient choose the medical intervention approach.